Greenpeace’s Ex-President Reacts To Extinction Rebellion & Greta Thunberg

Greenpeace’s Co-Founder & Ex-President Patrick Moore gives his thoughts on Extinction Rebellion & Greta Thunberg.

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Written by Chris Williamson


  1. Patrick Moore is right – there is still no evidence that CO2 is causing all the warming.
    Correlation is NOT causation. And we can see this conundrum in the ice ages.

    The first problem with ice ages is:
    When CO2 concentrations were high the world cooled, and when CO2 was low the world warmed. This counter-intuitive temperature response strongly suggests that CO2 is not the primary feedback agent.

    The second problem with ice ages is:
    Ice ages are forced by increased Milankovitch insolation in the Northern Hemisphere (NH), but never by increased insolation in the Southern Hemisphere. If CO2 were the primary feedback agent interglacials could and would be forced by increased insolation in either hemisphere, but they are not. The fact that interglacials are only ever NH events, strongly suggests that surface albedo is the primary feedback agent (the great landmasses being in the NH), rather than CO2.

    The third problem with ice ages is:
    During an ice age, many NH Milankovitch maxima produce little or temperature response. Again, this would be unlikely if CO2 was the primary feedback agent, but it is to be expected if surface albedo was the primary feedback. High albedo ice sheets covered in fresh snow can and will reject the increased insolation from a NH Milankovitch maximum, resulting in little or no temperature response.
    Unless, of course, the ice sheets are somehow covered in dust, thus reducing their albedo. Fortuitously, the northern ice sheets do indeed get covered in dust just before each and every interglacial. This is the topic of my ice age modulation paper – the counter-intuitive method of dust production, and its function as the primary feedback agent controlling interglacial warming.

    The fourth problem with ice ages is:
    The CO2 is a very weak feedback agent indeed. During an interglacial warming era, the CO2 feedback requires warming from decade to decade, to feedback-force temperatures into the next (warmer) decade. Unfortunately the CO2 feedback is only 0.007 W/m2 per decade, which is less energy than a bee requires to fly.
    Conversely, reduced albedo ice sheets can absorb an extra 200 W/m2 every single annual year, when measured regionally. Clearly the albedo feedback is far stronger than the proposed CO2 feedback, and could indeed dissipate the vast northern ice sheets in about 6,000 years.

    All of the above points strongly suggest that ice sheet albedo is the primary feedback agent modulating interglacials, rather than CO2. CO2 cannot explain the missing interglacials, nor the preference for NH insolation, nor the reverse CO2 feedback response, nor the strong interglacial warming – while dusty ice sheet albedo explains everything.

    See the science paper:
    Modulation of Ice Ages via Dust and Albedo.
    (This paper has had over 35,000 downloads.).

  2. We are constantly told there's a climate crisis because there is too much carbon dioxide. Now we are told there's going to be a food shortage because there isn't enough carbon dioxide. So is there too much or too little? Can't have it both ways.

  3. I get that there are evil people who will use a fake emergency to get control. What I don't get is the people who are so unthinking and unquestioning to fall for it.

  4. Soon a day rest for the Earth will be heard, Gods day is Saturday, the 7th day Sabbath, this will trigger for a mandatory Sunday Law for the environment and climate change, this will be your last decision to obey God or follow the man made day Sunday law as a united world choice.

  5. Certain parts of the environmentalist message seemed good to me back when they were more level headed and reasonable. Wanting to have cleaner air (the resulting development of the catalytic converter) or speaking out against polluting our ocean's and advocating for sustainable, humane fishing practices or the general push for more energy efficiency, less waste…it all seemed good to me and it was in the little, conscientious things we did (like recycling) that would help make a big difference in the long run (or so I hoped.) Today, it's sad to see what the environmental/green/animal rights advocacy groups have become. They've become radical, deranged and impossible to have an honest and thoughtful dialogue with. So many of them truly regard the Human race as a cancer to the planet. Maybe the beginnings of their arguments had some truth to it but now they're just insane.

  6. The ENVIRONMENTALISTS have been wrong for about 70yrs Now their right thats BS They have narrative and only use date that supports the narrative If all just projection not fact Hay chicken little the world not coming to and end anytime soon if every

  7. I hadn't seen any pics of Extinction Rebellion before the thumbnail for the video. I never realized that they looked like a cross between the elites in the 'club' in Eyes Wide Shut and Vincent Price's Masque of the Red Death. I'm surprised that the 'club' let them out in their costumes to run around in the streets.

  8. Climate Change is the Perfect Religion for those Activists. It is never provable nor deniable, it’s either too hot or too cold, depending the location and time you choose, you can randomly pick out a certain date in time with either record highs or lows without real comparability, it’s therefore highly effective and useful in confusing people, it’s highly contradictory in itself and perfectly useful in spreading fear and anxiety and painting an alternative reality in complete contrast to the actual real life situation. That’s why it’s now used for a variety of different political agendas.