Greenpeace’s Ex-President Reacts to Lies by David Attenborough & the BBC

Greenpeace’s Ex-President Patrick Moore responds to David Attenborough’s Our Planet documentary showing walruses jumping from cliffs. Why do walruses jump from cliffs? Is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch real? Why are birds being found with piles of plastic in their stomachs?

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Written by Chris Williamson


  1. Today i tried to buy your book from Waterstones (biggest British book store ) was told !
    We don’t stock this book try Amazon !
    Question Why ,does it not want the public to read this book ? And not question government thinking and left wing thinking of a silly girl!

  2. Even if there were potentially some exaggeration. Air on the side of caution when it's an issue as important as the environment. There aren't second chances.

  3. Love it when one of the prime programs on msm is pulled apart by someone educated and not singing from same hymn book as the likes of the bbc.

  4. In the 1970s there was one German man living on the Galapagos islands. Since Attenborough "discovered" the islands in his wildlife documentary there are now 40,000 + people living there working the tourist industry that has developed. In 2019 I sailed across the Pacific with my Brother and Sister in law. We didn't stop at the Galapagos because it is all about money there now and completely destroyed. The 3 days it took us to sail towards and past the islands was the time that we saw the most plastic in the water for the whole crossing from Panama to New Zealand. It was mostly floating empty water bottles from the islands. Sadly Attenborough has a small part to play in the huge plastic problem in the Pacific. "Every action has a reaction."
    It was also where we saw the most of the huge commercial fishing operations even though it is supposed to be illegal to fish anywhere near the Galapagos. 🤔

  5. Sad to see Attenborough push these lies. He also blamed climate change for walrus falling off cliffs as they for some reason climb them, as if they are committing suicide from depression over "climate change".

  6. Do scientists who believe in evolution have they done the same thing with evolution? I mean it is hard to believe the complexity of a human eye can come about by chance and form, even though light must exist for it to be of any practical use. Without a designer, a planner, intelligence, how can such a thing come about, something that can sense light, a sensor in reality, a camera to capture live images to relay that information to the brain, which we can then see. That is design surely? How can eyes form when there is no intelligence to know light exists to form such fantastic things in the first place.

  7. Well done to this channel for having the great Patrick Moore on, more people… scratch that… everyone… needs to hear what this man has to say especially on the importance of CO2 for our planet. The sooner Greta Thunberg hears him the better for all of us.

  8. Couldn't David Attenborough "call it a day" – whatever contribution he has made to our understanding of nature/wildlife, couldn't he decide – as a guy in his early nineties – to no longer make public pronouncements – this ex-President of Greenpeace appears to have a better grasp of the detail as it relates to birds' nurturing habits and the behaviour of walruses in the wild.

  9. This is great news for me. I have argued with some people for a long time that Attenborough is a fake and a liar. His sickly sincere voice does not fool me. He is like many extreme Green/Leftists he's made a fortune out of scaring people with fake stories. I cannot stand to even hear his voice anymore, but I admire the quality of the people who actually create the filming.