Greens Beat Democrats & Get Back On Ballot!

The Green Party worked hard to compile the necessary signatures to qualify for this fall’s ballot in North Carolina, but then the Democratic Party worked nearly as hard to get that decision reversed, even going so far as to pretend to be Green Party representatives calling and asking petition signatories to remove their names, as if anyone from the Green Party would ever do that. Sadly for Dems the efforts failed and a judge has made the final decision to reinstate the Greens, who will be providing a legitimate third party option for North Carolinians come November.

Jimmy and The Dive host Jackson Hinkle discuss the Democratic Party’s antidemocratic efforts to expunge Greens from ballots.

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  1. If Jimmy was ever banned from YouTube I would gladly pay for rumble just to keep watching him. Btw I finally I subbed from Kyle & Breaking points after they did that to Jimmy. They showed their true colors when that happened and I can’t support weasels.

  2. And people vote for democrats, yes Republicans evil but this is why I would never again after 08 go to the hopeless side or the word salds they use, acting as if we are stupid amd they talk down to us and act like we dont investigate truth, most dont i guess. Promises and lies to the face to make you feel good then do the impolite behind the scenes. I'd rather have a crude person who says the truth to a fault than what these Dems five an have gave us over an over , and sheep atull follow…conservative/Constitutionalist/libertarian. I'm a mix of all and listen to far left to far right to every side of each coin and the 20 sides of those sides

  3. EVERY SINGLE YOUTUBER NEEDS TO ALL GET TOGETHER AND LEAVE ALL AT ONCE AND GO TO RUMBLE AND EVERY PLATFORM THATS NOT YOUTUBE. CRASH THESE MFers. Take thw money everywhere. Get evwry channel that is popular in any aspect: workout, gaming, politics, social stuff…everything and everyone

  4. I like how folks can do segments showing dems try to suppress vote options and talk about them as assassins, but the idea of election shennanegans in 2020 is "crazy"

  5. The sad part is that by the time a public election takes place, there already has been a ‘behind the scenes’ election where powerful players select those appear on the ballot. This is done by political parties, media and moneyed people/groups that control who makes to the ballot.

  6. IDK how this petitions work in USA… We have presidential elections in my country this year and about 5 out of 12 candidates will get signatures to run for president. So thet means about 25% of all voters will come to official government office to sign the petition even before the official elections start. So all the 3rd party talks sound like daydreaming.

  7. 8:00 TYT is protected by YouTube, imagine if it was actually fair…and everyone had to play by the same rules, and people who are actually trending were on the trending page?! TYT – along with others – have broken TOS, and nothing happens to them. Crowder gets strikes and bans for some random reasons that they can never define, or time stamp or anything!

    It’s unbelievable how unfair this platform can be to certain creators, and for special people, they get top adds, protection, a straight line to people who work there, and they never get strikes even when they clearly break the rules! It gives special treatment to the MSM, and anyone else who challenges it has to watch every word, make sure they have links, and they still get strikes and bans!

    If it were completely organic – YouTube would be a better, stronger, fairer platform for genuine ideas and discourse, for creativity and ideas to flourish and thrive, but unfortunately it’s all algorithms and suppression, and nepotism, favouritism!

  8. There is fraud. It's not done by the voters. It's called voting fraud done by rnc, dnc, and others . Remember what they did to Bernie in both runs for president. Showed us exactly how fraudulent these elections are designed undemocraticly

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