Greenwald OWNS Bill Maher For Two Minutes Straight

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  1. Bill Maher is basically John Oliver/Trevor Noah for "an older crowd"…. ALL HE DOES IS PROPDGANDA FOR THE LEFT (with a small "crumb issue" at them to seem "fair"). HE IS A TYRANT SUPPORTER…. same thing to them as to tyrants. He (they) need to be removed from media, if not more

  2. Does Bill Mahr ever bring up what lsrL has been/is doing to PLStn? If NO, then BM is worth nothing to me.

    The audience always bothered me, even when I somehow liked BM.

    Please consider having Christopher BoIIyn as a guest.

  3. Bill Maher disciples are as bad as radical leftists. Just as ignorant and cucks to Daddy Mahers ideology. Maher has become an absolute liar in the last 2 years. He tries to come across as a Trump dissident AND a free thinking voice of reason. He’s not. He’s a smart ass coward and creep.

  4. My only problem with Jimmy is he still assumes all good positions are about being further left, instead of removing the partisan thinking. Many conservatives/republicans hate the constant wars and reject the idea of destabilization. Especially since 7/10, it's their kids going. Nothing of what Greenwald said is considered "Left" to me.

  5. He's such a nauseatingly smug, self-righteous prick. He spends more time moralising than making jokes not sure he gets to call himself a comedian… Also "Ask your maid" is one of the most delusional out of touch things I ever heard

  6. I don't want government run will become another tool to use social control…if you don't comply with the borg, they will deny medical care…they are already talking about denying Healthcare to non vaxed

  7. Bill Maher reminds me of the ultra liberal and “compassionate” executives I worked for in TV that told everyone what to think and assumed their authority in stating what was right and wrong in the world; then lost their production company after hundreds of criminal acts of not paying their employees for their work.

  8. Bill is right on this one, but Glen has good some good points, but Jimmy is off on this one. Nonetheless I think you three should go outside your country and gain some perspective on the world.
    If you think the US is as bad as some other countries your ignorant and if you think the US is the best your ignorant. Travel and see the world, maybe take a person whom you have different political views but a sense of humour and you will find at time you are correct and at time you are incorrect during your brief visit.
    Regardless more data and a sense of humour when debating will make for better perspectives and better conversation for us the viewers who grow tired of the he said she said game.

  9. Yes bill… and the CIA started selling cocaine in black neighborhoods in 80s to help them feel good and earn some extra cash…. and then threw them in jail for doing it

  10. You made some pretty good points there Jimmy, but how many Americans want to emigrate to Afghanistan – or Syria – Libya? Huh! gotcha!. And Afghans can't go to school,. but if your daddy's a millionaire you can get a pretty good education in the US. And prisons aren't all bad – three squares, a warm bed, huh? Beats sleeping under a bridge, especially in their present state of repair. .

  11. I have plenty of money, but it still sucks for me and my wife to pay $1500 a month to Blue Cross for reasonably good healthcare. Do you know why I do it? Because HMOs were worse. How’s that VA healthcare working out? Due to dealing with both of these organizations, I dare say I am allowed to legitimately fear what happens with socialized medicine. I have had a lifetime of watching the US government do a terrible job at everything, and I’m not quite rich enough to own my own doctors yet so there’s that.

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