Greenwald Tries To Get Pardons For Assange & Snowden

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  1. Glen is a genius. And I think he is correct. The only downside is obvious– far more leaks will spew out about so much we will never know truth from fiction. Which the deep state has been doing for four years anyway.

  2. Of course it is strategic on Glens part. And i hope it works. Trump needs to tell them all to suck it, and i think he wants to. Talking about strategy. The entire Democrat parties strategy since day 1 is to push Trump further into the arms of the gop and their counterparts of the war machine. All this vitriol and lies and conspiracy bullshit non stop 24/7 makes it so Trump has nowhere else to go. He is forced into a corner, and that is just a tactile way to keep him in check so he doesn't go rouge and ACTUALLY be able to do something that the elites in BOTH parties don't want him to do. It's all manufactured.

  3. That's My Boy: Glen Greenwald! ?️‍?
    Yea Boyyy!!! – Spitting That Hot Truth All Over Fox News! ?
    Everyone Should Be Honestly Demanding Protection For Any: Government Whistleblowers & The Rare (Free Press) Journalists; That Are Brave Enough To Cover Such Politicaly Scaving & Truely Dangerous Topics! ⚠️??✒
    ✊ [By Speaking Truth 2 Power] ✊

  4. It's pretty transparent what Greenwald is trying to do here. The sad thing is that it's actually could wind up being a successful strategy with a President as dumb as this. It's depressing to see the depths to which people like him have gone now to even get an open trial for Greenwald and Assange (who, say whatever you like about his principles, deserves this at the very least).

    I don't know what to think anymore. I'm still upset that Bernie failed to get the nomination, and I'm sad about the divisions in the progressive movement today. We should all be fighting for Medicare For All & A Green New Deal most of all, but instead there is just so much infighting now that it just depresses me.

  5. If Trump takes advantage of what Glenn Greenwald is astutely suggesting, he may give the Democrats a run for their money in the coming election, as the great majority of Americans are for ending the senseless wars referred to above. Greenwald brilliantly makes the Obama administration and the warmongers who played center stage, hoping that Trump would free Assange and Snowden. My take, Trump won't do it. He's not his own man, and he's easily moved by those who form the inner circle of his conservative cabinet –war hawks as well, perhaps more dangerous than what the Democrats themselves have shown.

  6. The Democrats call Trump a fascist yet they support imprisoning Julian Assange for life for telling the truth. This proves that the Democrats are crooks like the Republicans.