Greg Kelly plays damaging Hunter Biden voicemails

In recently obtained voicemails, Hunter Biden says “I had the support to know I can do anything.”

Greg Kelly: “That’s the problem, you can’t do anything.” – via Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Reports.

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Written by Newsmax TV


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  1. Hes giving the Capitol Hill Police a bad name?…..hahahahahhahahahaha. The police in America have never had a good name and your worried about their reputation. Between murdering citizens, being audited by youtubers and covering each others arses we have seen recently what the police of America has to offer. Dont tell me its a few bad apples, we see it with our own eyes everyday. Only bullies and bullied victims become cops, some to keep power and some gain power. You think the cops will help you when this country collapses? They cant even afford the gas to get to your house. Arm yourself and trust NO American, especially ones with lights on their cars.

  2. Louisiana experienced the highest per-capita murder rate (15.8 per 100,000) among all U.S. states in 2020 for the 32nd straight year (1989–2020), according to The 2020 FBI Uniform Crime Report.[2] Louisiana averaged 13.7 murders per 100,000, compared to the U.S. average of 6.6 murders per 100,000 from 1989- 2014.

  3. Hunter is such
    A 👶 baby. His "parent's" don't really love him and therefore Hunter can't possibly love himself much less anyone else! Where have YOU been. Dr. Jill??????

  4. He can say all he wants he can get convicted and nothing's going to happen to him so why don't you people just back off and bring up some other subject sick and tired hearing about Hunter Biden he did this he did that enough with the words let's see some action let's see something done to him until then keep your f**** mouth shut and don't say anything about him because we all know there's nothing going to happen to him they will be no consequences why don't you start admitting it instead of pumping all the b*****

  5. The black man… Crying like a little girl must be getting paid good money to ack like a frail girl.. What a baby… It's all a show people, he's as crooked as the democratic party…

  6. Hunter Biden will go down in history, as the son, who bought down a sitting potus, his father joe biden.
    Laptop times, unless joe biden calls martial law, citing republicans and concerned parents are domestic terrorists. Thus locking down the whole country, and eliminating the upcoming midterm elections. Rule as a true czar of america.

  7. And daddy Joe Biden thinks he son Hunter Biden is the smartest person who ever lived or maybe it Hunter Biden who thinks he the smartest well he's is always off he face.

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