Greg Kelly: These students are the modern-day Rosa Parks: “All of academia has gone woke-berserk”

Greg Kelly reacts to the viral clip of ASU students being harassed at the school’s ‘multicultural center’ – Via ‘Greg Kelly Reports’, weekdays at 7 PM ET on Newsmax.

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Written by Newsmax TV


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  1. This is disgusting behaviour by the person holding the camera. The person shouting clearly has a huge big chip on her shoulder.

    I don't agree with her interpretation of "multi cultural". Why hasn't she been charged with the crime she's causing they boys off. She wants supremacy not equality. Isn't that what this whole woke thing is about.

    I knew the name Rosa Parks but I couldn't place her.

    You know the "woke" movement began around the time the awakening started to become popular or well known.

    It got kinda confusing a few years back. As they always take our positive names and symbols and twist them. That being the founders of "wokeism" and those who promote division.

    Even in the 90s when flashing your mid rift was popular, I didn't like it then and feel the same about it now. By all means flash the abs.

    In fact I remember being pregnant, early 2000s and being told to cover up my stomach. I wasn't even wearing cropped tops, I had a maternity top that rolled up while working to occasionally expose a small bit of skin. I was told it was offensive.

    It's amazing how offensive people can be telling others they're being offensive!?!

    I told them they didn't pay me enough to complain about the standard of my business dress then went sick before delivering 6 weeks early.

  2. A multicultural space means all ethnicities are welcome If you have your own culture that you were brought up in including Caucasians because white is not a culture however it is an ethnicity just like Latino just like Islander just like Pacific Islander and Asian Look Screaming about how in tolerant you are because of another person's personal beliefs and choices is completely against the American dream and everything that Dr King stood for and I'm really getting sick and tired of all of this racism and hate

  3. It's really so sad that "people of color" have been made to believe that they are not as good as "white" people.THAT is racist. NO ONE can actually make you "feel" anything! The ONLY thing we have COMPLETE dominion over is how we think/react/respond to what others say and do. Our self worth should NEVER be handed over to ANYONE! Victimhood is a great destroyer. It would be nice if we were taught that what some people think and do is indicative of their own ignorance and lack of self worth and should not be a reflection upon ourselves or our self worth.

  4. As a full-blooded Native American who lives in Arizona… I’m totally embarrassed by the two immature females trying to kick the two white guys out of the “multicultural Center“. I definitely speak my own language know my “culture“ as a Navajo man. Manny of those students have no “culture” and don’t speak their own language but more so don’t seek out the opportunity to learn their own language. What an embarrassment.

  5. Racist b@stards, "multicultural" does not mean I am a person of colour and can treat white people with hate and contempt, those vermin spewing their bile must be named, shamed, expelled and brought up on race hate charges. "safe space" doesn't mean you can be racist, no matter what colour you are. They also need proper education as to the meaning of "multicultural", this is what comes from a stupid, marxist, ultra left edumacation.

  6. No "white man" allowed. Welcome to the new apartheid, beginning on a campus near you. Harassment is a crime, and that young woman should, at the very least, receive either administrative discipline or counseling to help her adapt to the real world. At her first job, is she going to scream at people whom she feels are too different, or inferior, if they are "in her space?" No one will hire her. She is a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen.

  7. After months of searching, the "Cyber Ninjas" found Biden actually won the 2020 election in Arizona. The very next day, Trump stands up in front of a huge crowed and claims the "Cyber Ninjas" found that he won the Arizona election by a landslide. That's what America has become – an Alice in Wonderland lunatic asylum where down is up and up is down.

  8. 30 year old Sara Tekola racist "ASU student" should be expelled immediately for bullying and harassment. Period – Had to misspell her first name, because my comments containing her correct full name are being censored.. hahahahaha. Figures

  9. I think the other guy deserves some recognition too. All he did was put a sticker on his laptop and was attacked. He stood his ground well, too. We can’t have opinions anymore.

  10. Greg, has said some really offensive things about Black Americans on his show, but comparing two White males to Rosa Parks, for any reason is only something a White man would think makes sense. He really, is intolerable at times.

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