Greta Thunberg WON’T ANSWER Basic Questions About Climate Change

Climate activist Greta Thunberg was recently confronted on the streets of Davos by journalists asking her about all the private jets converging on the city for the World Economic Forum, whether she criticizes OPEC nations and Russia as much as she castigates Western nations and who advises her on climate issues. She responded to these reasonable questions either with giggles or silence, suggesting that she may not be the ideal spokesperson the climate movement needs.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether Thunberg’s autism diagnosis explains her strange responses and if using her youth as a defense is sexist and patronizing.

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  1. Greta is an idealist, not an economist. She has zero Idea that the reality of providing transportation to the masses has a cost. The Planet is a sacred place, but no one is going back to horse drawn carriages. The child idealist is giving way to the stark reality of necessity. She's laughing because she can't admit this truth.

  2. Greta is in I wanna sausage age thats why she smiles so hysterically. When girls her age laugh so hysterically, it's because they're afraid that all the sausages in their lifes will pass them by.

  3. She's not an activist. She's not anything but a prop that you aren't allowed to to question because she is mentally disabled and acts like a little girl. The left uses people like this for all their causes.

  4. It is already ridiculous to have a supposed spokesperson for a given topic on the world stage to not answer questions without even bringing her appearance or age into it, really. If someone is old enough to be speaking on these issues and to be taken even partly legitimately then they are old enough to answer questions. What kind of logic is it that someone is old enough to speak on the world stage seriously but then suddenly not old enough to know what they are saying or why they are saying it? There is no logical excuse, either you know what you are saying and can answer for it or you have no clue and are either a puppet or an idiot and should be seen as such. If she doesn't feel comfortable being talkative or in-front of a camera, then being a public figure representing a movement probably seems like a pretty poor career choice. Almost like she doesn't really have much stakes in the game…remind me, why is anyone listening to this person on important issues if we are simultaneously supposed to assume she is identifying as a shy child? No need to wonder the current state of affairs when this is your "expert".

  5. She learned from the best liars and questioned avoided like Hillary Clinton who also laughed at serious questions. Can anyone honestly say that this was not a coached response if you cannot answer a question.

  6. I recall watching a video and they explained that the WEF is a highly controlled environment. One reporter asked pretty simple questions and ended up in trouble with security. It made me wonder of Gretta is just another shill, if she's able to freely walk around the conference grounds as a token "protester". Similar to the CCP using the same token Uyghur bearded old man in videos to show everything is just fine, there's no genocide.

  7. shes thinking claus is going to make you all eat bugs! and you'll like it! you will own NOTHING! and claus will be happy! hahaha I know something I wont tell I wont tell I wont tell. what a puppet! now her message is : HOW DARE YOU! HA HA HE HE

  8. 28:15 we really need to get away with casually branding right wingers as ‘far right’. Ezra Levant isn’t far right. He hasn’t got swastika tattoos and doesn’t want his country cleansed of all those who don’t look like him. As far as I know, he believes in conservative values more than more liberal, or progressive values. That doesn’t make you far right.

  9. This is how leftist (not liberals) treat conservatives… this is why there is a culture war. Leftist despise and hate and loathe conservatives to such a degree they all walk around like Greta. Glad there’s still people like you around to give us hope for a bipartisan future.

  10. Theta Thunberg is cancelled, looks like she was on weed. Anyway, climate change is a Democrat designed crisis. Anyone with basic science can work out the warming and weather changes are connected to solar cycles. The sun warms the earth, everything humans do is a grain of sand on a beach. The extra CO2 from fossil fuels and methane from cattle and agriculture accounts for nothing……
    78 percent nitrogen,
    21 percent oxygen,
    0.93 percent Argon,
    0.04 percent carbon dioxide
    0.03 makes up trace amounts of neon, helium, methane, krypton, ozone and hydrogen, as well as water vapor.
    So sick of idiots dictating our think and lives.

  11. Her autistic side really shows in this interview. She doesn't understand the nuance of climate change or the basic science and reasoning for something she champions. She developed a special interest in it when younger and her parents rode that and used her as a mascot. Her handlers dropped the ball letting her be interviewed.

  12. She owes you and your fake journalist allies, with their laughable 'gotcha' traps, nothing, Jimmy. Also, great job infantilizing autistic people for being direct, which is what we are. I would have told him to f* off.

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