Groceries Soar upto 94%

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Some Groceries have soared by 94% but CPI is only 3.5%?


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  1. For all the people like me which stocked up when Tim Pool said to well over a year ago, still have batches of food in the chest freezers.
    Sounds like now alarm bells are ringing for some people which either didn't listen or will need to eat the cost and doubly so now.

  2. I eat meat, green vegetables, drink water. I don't buy processed food, maybe indulge in a block of chocolate once a month. Eating basic, no carbs . Keto. Still spend $100 a week. This diet should keep me healthy into old age. If you eat cheaper, you risk insulin spikes, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

  3. The price rises to this point have been unrelated to Russia-Ukraine. Supply chain issues (resulting from covid response?) account for a large portion of the increases, I would think

  4. If you buy meat from Coles or woollies you’re crazy. They have manipulated the market and hopefully a price themselves out of the game.
    People need to go back to the bear basics of food, not all this sliced up, prepackage crap.

  5. 12 months after Biden been in office he has created increases in oil prices and less food on the shelves of the American People and has created a collapse In our global food chains with the sanctions on Russia and Shutting Down oil production in his own country

    Ukraine is a major wheat exporter so is Russia.
    Russia will probably be in control of Ukraine soon

    Russia also exports a ship load of food and Wheat oil chemical fertiliser very important for growing food be sanctions are designed to hurt the West more than actually Russia itself

    It's almost like the Biden administration is trying to put the boot to the back of the people's neck Biden seems more interested in making money for himself and his friends than he seems more interested in declining people's quality of life in the West.

  6. Hang on. Only ONE item in the list rose by 94%: Fanta, and Coke by 55%. Nescafe & Moccona instant coffee rose between 50-74 %. Mince and diced beef 22%. Eat less meat and sugar water, and plenty of good coffee alternatives.

  7. only plebs buy from woolies or coles. Get restaurant quality ingredients at independent grocers for significantly cheaper. The only reason people buy from mainstream pleb supermarkets because they are dumb and lazy.

  8. Animal fats are extremely important in the male diet. Helps boost testosterone levels with moderate exercise. Don't cut the fat off the steak gentlemen and you'll live longer and happier. My Great Grandfather was a butcher in the old days. Ate meat and animal fat daily and lived happily to 103. Mowed his own lawn until about 96.

  9. Raising interest rates will have little effect on essential goods like food. But it has a large impact on discretionary goods like eating out and holidays- industries that are in the doldrums already and employ many lower skill workers.

    After many years of trying, the government has finally destroyed the Australian economy.

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