Gross, Sleazy Opportunist Kamala Harris Once Said She Believed Bidens’ Accusers

Oh the tiiiimes they are a changin:


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  1. Those so called progressive women said they believed the victim but said that they would support Biden. Why would KH be different? Hypocrisy and hypocrites. The party goers.

  2. Some people say that the entire DNC right now is staffed by former Obama administration officials from Tom Perez on down. And that Obama is the one who chose camel Harris to be the running mate and that this decision was actually made quite a while ago.

    A lot of being made of her record as a prosecutor right now, they're making it sound like she's a really evil person and one of the worst meanest prosecutors that has ever existed, but I can tell you for sure that a standard 1990s California prosecutor was exactly like her otherwise they would not have been a prosecutor in California. That was the basic strategy, remember this was 1990s California with the three strikes law and chemical castration of pedophiles and all kinds of stuff like that. If someone were a young attorney in a district attorney's office and made it known to anyone that they oppose the three strikes law or the Clinton crime bill or anything else, they would have been absolutely grounded out permanently in their career and I never would have gone anywhere. They're saying that she kept someone in prison even though there was evidence or she was holding back evidence that would have weakened the case against them or something like that, yeah, this was every single case against every single Indigent defendant in the state of California all through the 1990s and in fact it was pretty common before that and since then on serious cases.

    You might get the wrong idea from reading an occasional headline are watching CBS 48 Hours Mysteries, when information comes to light that is new or was known to the police and prosecutors but was concealed, that shows that it's essentially impossible that the person in prison for the murder or rape or whatever did that crime, what does it do? It does nothing. There are many many cases where even the judge is presented with that don't do anything about it. It's completely legit to say that this was already decided by the court before. Many of these high-profile cases went on for several years or even more than a decade before the prosecutor would finally go into the courtroom and dismiss the original complaint against the defendant so that they could be released. This is not the first thing they do, it's the absolute last f**** thing they do. These California prosecutors had to go after everybody every way they possibly could, to have the highest conviction rate with the stiffest sentences against everyone. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to move up in the prosecutor's office at all. Even in a state like California that was mostly Democrat aside from a republican governor or two, the very very tough on crime prosecutor was the norm.

    It wasn't until 15 years later that you had garbage like Eric Holder acting as prosecutor telling people that it is there duty to object to Authority and to refuse the rule of law. Or this pile of s*** from the George Soros fan club, Kim Gardner in St Louis, there was not one single prosecutor like that in the entire United States. They wouldn't get elected and they wouldn't keep the job in fact they couldn't even be a lawyer in the prosecutor's office. They would be over at the public defender's office where the pay is about half as much and there really is no where to get advancement from. Every attorney general came out of the District Attorney's Office. No attorney general ever came out of the public defender's office.

    There's nothing unusual ebad about her record, this was a standard California prosecutor. They are shity people but that's what they had to do to have their career. Medicare for all Tulsi gabbard was absolutely full of s*** when she said that Camel Harris was keeping prisoners in prison in order to use them for cheap labor. This is f**** idiotic. The state was spending probably $45,000 per year just to keep these people house, not a single one of them ever made $45,000 a year salary working any job they possibly could in the private sector, there's no f**** way that digging some dishes are making some license plates was going to make the state a profit. This is a completely idiotic accusation. Furthermore, it's completely idiotic that someone in that part of the prosecutor's office was somehow going to benefit by the Department of Corrections running a labor program on the other side of the state government. This was just a dumbass accusation. Camel Harris is a terrible debater, she has never been able to respond to anything at all. She just sits there with her eyes glassed over trying to remember the lines for her stupid speech about I was that little girl who was bust into this horribly racist San Francisco Bay Area Klu Klux Klan Hideout and I had to cross the line and all this kind of f**** nonsense. When someone comes after her with something, she has nothing to say. She just has to say that it's ridiculous that she should be expected to respond to something because she is a quote top-tier candidate.

    Everything about Medicare for all Tulsi gabbard was idiotic and phony right to the Core. In one of the earlier debates, they asked her if she supported medicare-for-all, this was an outrage mob and everybody on the stage had to say yes. And then 5 f**** minutes later in a second pass she said no, she did not want to get rid of private insurance companies because she felt they had something to offer. This is completely nonsensical doublespeak.

    Her whole platform was about letting people know how terrible regime change Wars are and her whole credibility came from the fact that she did multiple tours of Duty voluntarily as a consenting adult, she was literally the muscle that did the regime change War more than once. And she's going to stand on that? This was just stupid. And she spends all her time defending herself for going to talk to a dictator. Nobody asked her to go there and to be really f**** clear nobody benefited from her going there so if she has to take some s*** for going to see a dictator, that's her own fault. Trump train!

  3. 0:40 Which do you think, Styx? 😉
    (most of those in DC would likely sell their grandma's walking canes for a buck, so it's not a hard thing to guess at)

    1:25 That's if he can even remember everything he accomplished(good or bad) without someone reminding him.

    2:32 And yet those silly n-p-c saps in b-l-m and otherwise will likely vote for her and Biden.

    4:15 Again, they're n-p-c-s who will probably vote for the one who's the same party as they always have….likely because they're dumb and cannot think critically.

  4. Why even bother voting now? Trump wishes Ghislaine Maxwell well, and Biden chose Harris as his running mate. If Biden felt it necessary to choose a "woman of color", why not pick someone who is honest and fair – like Rachael Rollins, for one example? No, instead he picks a slave trader who has already sold working class people of all races down the river in order to raise her own social and economic status.

  5. Nothing liberals say should be believed or taken at face value. Their minds are nothing but swirling, churning slurries of shit. Example: something they have never even heard of last week will become the thing they claim they will die for this week. And two weeks later, that changes to another entirely different thing, that nobody has heard of this week. Liberals are profoundly mentally ill. Everything liberals touch is turned to shit.

  6. #KamalaHarris: The Fraud!

    So #JoeBiden has picked the runt of the litter, an also-ran loser in the Democratic primaries who never won a primary, barely escaped sitting at the kiddies table, whom the voters didn’t think was qualified to be president, yet whom Biden wanted to be a heartbeat away. Or maybe his puppet masters, the voices in his earpiece, and the voices in his head picked her from a list loaded with more baggage than an airport carousel.

    Biden picked a running mate who labeled him a racist opponent of school busing who cavorted and collaborated with segregationist #Democrat colleagues in the Senate where Biden supported legislation leading to the incarceration of young black males. Of course, Harris did her part in incarcerating young black males with a vengeance as states attorney in San Francisco and attorney general of California.

    Kamala Harris also believes Biden is a sexual predator, saying we should believe his accusers, even staffer Tara Reade, who has credibly accused him of sexual assault. Reade certainly brings more evidence to the table than Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, whom Harris viciously attacked in one of the most unhinged attempts at character assassination we have ever seen.

    All Trump has to do is take clips from their debate exchanges and attacks on Biden from Kamala’s interviews and append the tag line, “I’m Donald J. Trump and I approve her message.”

    Harris’ well-rehearsed attack on Joe Biden that nearly derailed his candidacy during the clown-car Democratic presidential debates should have come as no surprise to those who have watched her rise to political prominence. Never mind its relevance or accuracy. For Harris, the ends always justify the means.

    If Trump gets just 20% (currently at 40%of likely black voters) the African-American, vote it is curtains for the Democrats and a landslide for Trump.

    Biden’s patronizing of African-Americans is typified by his arguably racist and demeaning remark that if blacks do not vote for him, they are not in fact black.

    For eight years Obama-Biden did nothing while Kamala Harris, as a former California state attorney general and San Francisco district attorney, did measurable harm to the community she claims to be a leader of.

    She is counting on strong support from African Americans. But many black voters are wary of her 27 years as a prosecutor enforcing laws that sent African Americans to prison…

    Still, her home state’s high rate of incarcerating people of color goes a long way in explaining the trouble she has had selling her candidacy to black voters nationwide.

    In #California and many other states, racial disparities in imprisonment have intensified resentments of what many see as deeply ingrained discrimination in America’s criminal justice system…
    But the prisons remain emblematic of chronic racial inequities in the justice system.

    African Americans make up less than 6% of California’s population but 29% of its inmates, according to the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Latinos are 39% of the population but 43% of the inmates.

    She owes her advancement to her association with former Democratic Speaker of the California Assembly #WillieBrown. As the Washington Examiner noted: Kamala Harris’ first significant political role was an appointment by her powerful then-boyfriend Willie Brown, three decades her senior, to a California medical board that has been criticized as a landing spot for patronage jobs and kickbacks.

    Then 30, Harris was dating 60-year-old Willie Brown, at the time the Democratic speaker of the California State Assembly, when he placed her on the California Medical Assistance Commission in 1994. The position paid over $70,000 per year, $120,700 in current money, and Harris served on the board until 1998.

    The medical commission met twice a month, and Harris, a United States senator for California since 2017 and now a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, missed about 20% of the meetings each year…

    Hey, politics makes strange bedfellows, as they say. Can we count her as a hardcore feminist then? Conservative Twitter icon James Wood has dubbed her #HeelsUpHarris, Kamala Harris is a dangerous and malevolent political opportunist who doesn’t belong in the same zip code as the White House — and the Lincoln Bedroom.

    And this, is what Democrats have hitched thier wagon too…