Growing evidence Oregon fires started by organised arson

There is growing evidence that the wide spread fires in Oregon are organised Arson. This is shown in witness testimony as well as arrests in the region including video testimony from police officers. Many of the fires take place “near” roads or highways – which shows evidence that the highway is acting as a travel line for those wishing to light fires. Of course as always, decide for yourselves.

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


  1. I live in the heart of all of this. It is 100% arson. I now know 4 people who have personally seen arsonists or people attempting arson. There are now armed civilians patrolling all over from gresham, Boring, Sandy, Damascus and Estacada. These are just the local towns that I know of.

  2. These arsonists are the most pernicious delinquents for they have no moral fibre & this is being replicated in the UK with random car fires! These people should be given capital punishment – no more no less!

  3. I think this was done by ANTIFA… they're just like, "Oh, white people live here so let's make them suffer." So incredibly sad… it's mindless racism against white people which is just as bad as racism against other heritages.

  4. So, obviously the FBI in Portland is corrupt. They proved it by saying all of these very strange fires are "climate" induced !?! We've seen so many proofs that FBI Portland is telling the public a LIE. How are we ever to trust them or any of those agencies again after all the crooked deals they've pulled without a care as to who they hurt permanently. Dems must go…rinos too.

  5. Absolutely disgusting what brainwashed and ignorant individuals will do! They are being encouraged by the demoncratic party. Heads NEED TO ROLL.

  6. Well in California its direct energy weapons, in the other areas I can now admit antifa looks guilty of Oregon's and Washington an Arizona s fires. But California that's pg&e,Rothschilds & jesuit blackop.

  7. “Stop The Fires” MegaPrayer
    (This is a so-called “MegaPrayer.” It is rather long because it is very thorough and specific, which gives the Divine Realm more to work with, but at the end it is linked to a single code word of your choice, so that you need only say the entire prayer once, with feeling, then the original intention, with which the prayer was first said, will be referenced each time the code word is said with the intention of saying this prayer. Thus, such a detailed and powerful prayer can be said many times by repetitions of just the code word, like a mantra.)

    “Guides, Guardians, Higher Self and Creator, please partner with me each and every day to do everything possible to clean and purify the air and extinguish the wildfires as soon as possible that are burning in the Western USA and elsewhere around the globe that are harming the inhabitants near and far, from both fire and smoke. Bring rain, moisture and cooler temperatures to the areas concerned, and adjust the winds to help reduce the fires and clean the air. Support all firefighting efforts in all ways possible. Remove or render harmless the effects of all technology used to ignite such fires. Net all dark spirits in and around all perpetrators and would-be perpetrators of such fires, and send them to the Divine Light for healing and transformation on an ongoing basis. Bring all necessary Divine Love, Guidance, Healing, Support and Protection to all perpetrators and victims of such fires, now and going forward in perpetuity, to prevent any more such fires from erupting. Divinely open and soften the minds and hearts of all such perpetrators to transform their intentions to harm humanity, to reduce such harmful intentions as much as possible. Counteract such harmful intentions, returning to senders in equal or greater measure Divine Love, and heal the karmic conditions that led to such intentions in the first place. Conduct the strongest Divine Healing sessions on the beings of greatest darkness responsible for such fires. Invite all Consciousness desiring the upliftment of Humanity to add their intentions and energy to mine to maximize this prayer’s power and effectiveness, and apply all these prayers to subgroups of these targets as appropriate, considering the level of need, to stay within my energetic reach as an individual practitioner to support the work fully, and invite said Consciousness to join me in parallel to do repeated healing sessions of their own, to be pooled together for mutual enhanced effectiveness. Perform repeated prayer sessions as frequently as feasible to obtain rapid and complete extinguishing of fires, purification of air, and healing of all perpetrators and victims, in a safe manner, of all harm, injury, traumas, limiting beliefs, and other karmic negativity. Carry out these prayers in all time domains. Link this entire prayer to a code word I designate as “____”, so that every time I say this code word, with the intention of saying this prayer, the entire prayer is made, including its indefinite repetitions. Thank you.”