Growing mortgage stress – Will people be forced to sell?

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With growing mortgage stress, will people be forced to sell?


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  1. Yes you are out of touch when it comes to wages. Employer's I've worked for do not consider ability when it comes to wages. Generally the less capable are given less work to do and the more capable are lumped with the rest while paying everyone equally.

  2. My lvr is under 50% and remaining loan is just over 2x income, so like to hope that I'm reasonably safe, but who knows. Inflation is squeezing the ability to save, and low wage growth makes it harder to keep up. That's without considering mass unemployment in my industry, or long term health issues.

  3. I still don't buy into the whole "as planned" thing. We've seen how a single government can't organise a pissup in a brewery and we expect all 180ish governments are colluding? If everyone is homeless and jobless, who gets things done? Still need infrastructure, housing, services etc those needs don't just go away

  4. If borrowers have limited equity, and the declining market reduces this equity further, mortgages become the banks problem, and as we know, banks are a protected species, they are TBTF, so government (us) will save them.

  5. Housing stress can affect anyone. It is politicians and the media who arbitrarily try to limit it to just the poor. Why are higher earners expected to do more than lower earners?

  6. If I’m forced to sell my home because of the lizard Illuminati’s intentional crash of the economy due to their fake zombie apocalypse I’ll find 1 of their underground bases & set it on fire with Molotov cocktails. If I lose my home…they lose theirs! 😡🙅‍♂️🦎

  7. A lot of the talk of mortgage stress is just that. Talk. Mainly the media whipping up fear.
    How do I know? Using data and a methodical approach? NO!!
    Just a drive the the gym in Brisbane's inner west, yesterday, was enough for me to observe that the economy is going gangbusters. *excluding airline staff OF COURSE!

  8. I bet the "earth moving contractor that collapsed owing " might have to sell and when he does he might be selling into the " housing market collapse " environment so it's double whammy for that bloke ha ha

  9. Plenty down at ski resorts. Still plenty of disposable income around. Look at heise last 15 videos fear based gibberish. But it gets the clicks !!

  10. Ability and skill have nothing to do with what you get paid. Your ability to get paid is directly related to your willingness to leave your current employer. They never want to pay you more if they think they can get away with paying less and still keep you as an employee. I’ve seen it so many times at the company I work for where they refuse to pay skilled people who know the job more money and then have to turn around and pay the unskilled replacement more than the original employee was asking for as that’s now the going rate!

  11. Trillions of dollars coming for housing and property sector .
    That is only thing we have.

    For those who want and wish million dollar houses everywhere in Australia.

    Good luck.

    Robots and Automation will take over jobs in mines warehouses , production facilities, etc, etc.

    Plus other white collar jobs outsourced to overseas.

    All want million dollar houses, higher and higher salary .

    No one thinking about company employing them is it going to be lucrative for companies to keep people.?.

  12. I don't know why everyone is freaking out about cost of living and interest rates and fuel costs. These increases have been projected for more than a year. The thing is we haven't even seen the end of it yet fuel prices are expected now to head to three dollars since Russia has now turned of the taps. Inflation is still going up so interest rates will follow. And the asset bubbles have yet to burst from all those people expecting they can stop working and live of infinite growth. Not to mention the job destruction caused by COVID lockdown and supply chain issues still crippling anything with a microchip. If you haven't already get rid of your high interest debt
    And put more cash into your mortgage.

  13. People will cut out holidays, NBN internet, going out to dinner, buying new cloths and shoes, cups of coffie, before they would sell there home.
    To much cash in system and the Reserve bank needs to pull cash put of system.
    But anyone wjo is saving, higher intetest rates are great.

  14. if a person earns 1000 per week gross and rent is 600 how is that 30% .Most lower income earn that much or less and most housing is around 500-600 if t is just half decent and if it nicer then it is $700 upwards.
    this 30% business is pure bs.
    where can one rent for $300 per week

  15. I used to be an accountant. I remember in the late 90's the Liberal Government under Howard, they got the GST legislation through as well as the Capital Gains tax changes that halved the tax on gains (for assets held over a year) They also sold off a lot of government assets and the rich with access to credit, stole the state assets from the community. I remember rentals had positive cashflow, for example a 60's built single bed sitter apartment in St Kilda was about 90k with positive cashflows. Unless tax legislation is amended to change the tax structure so homes are no longer investment but homes, and pensions changed to force old grannies with 3 bedroom houses to move to a 1 bedroom house so the rooms are freed up for families, , we will have house prices that are too high for the servant class to live. SO who will clean, cook and serve the government burecrat class and capitalist class? It will be like Fight Club the movie very soon.

  16. Owner occupiers won’t be forced to sell. But investors propertys are a hole different thing. To a bank the landlord isn’t being kicked out . If they force a sale the bank might even get a mortgage from that property for a owner occupiers buying it. Plus as a bank does and bank wait for prices to get lower or force a sale early. Every bank will think like this. It’s a business and it’s dog eat dog. First in.

  17. Notice something strange at the shops today , the $dollar shops were packed with people , kinda wonder if people are feeling the pinch already . Winter is here .

  18. The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures. I'm taking a trip into investing because I lost so much during this pandemic. Multi creation of wealth is the best strategy to ensure financial sustainability….

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