Growing Rental Crisis #RentalCrisis

#RentalCrisis #Housing #HeiseSays
People are struggling to find rental properties and increasing supply will take years.


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  1. This is the ultimate result of unchecked real estate speculation. At some point, the asset prices have to crash, or the rental yields have to rise to justify the asset price.

    BTW, why Busselton? What is the attraction to that area?

  2. Could be a lot worse? Thousands of Australian families and singles with out a home. The lucky country in 2022… I don't think so and it's a bloody disgrace that's been allowed to happen because of apathetic government policy.
    Who is going to fix this bloody mess? It's a disgrace!

  3. I'm in WA and the rental housing market is crazy. There are so many vacant housing department properties which have been destroyed beyond repair by tenants. They are boarded up and left sitting or sold for around 50 grand. Just on my street there are 2 3 bedroom duplexes and 2 homes ruined. I know people who have had to move back in with their parent's as they can not get a rental. It's a huge disaster.

  4. Voting for Liberal or Labour at the federal election won’t change this, they will just kick the can down the road further and make the problem worse.

    We need real political change to drive the broader changes that are desperately required. End two party politics! Put the major parties LAST.

  5. Good video and very accurate info too. All the government stimulus has priced people out of the buyers market. Also with dramatically rising prices, landlords have put their houses on the market which resulted in even less supply for renters.
    The market does seem to have slowed down in the last three months. XMAS was crazy with houses selling over list and within a week!
    Yes this was South West of WA.

  6. The lucky country. Australia is the 2nd highest per capita usage of anti depressant drugs. How happy are we as a nation really with these statistics. This housing crisis causing so many social issues that are being ignored. I read it’s an 11 year journey to save for a deposit. No time to have advocado on toast and enjoy yourself and your new marriage, it’s baked beans and confinement to save. I bet if we track divorce rates, domestic violence rates and poverty it will track on a trajectory with housing affordability. Many of you would have seen the recent survey of majority of young people who said they would flee australia rather than fight if we were invaded. What hope have they got. Many will never own a home, nearly 50% of them will end up divorced.

  7. Can't see what the problem is, ………. rock up on the North shore in a tinny and the government will give you everything and you will never be homeless.

  8. We hear there is only 1% rental accomadation on avg across the entire Australia, 2 questions

    1. Prior to Covid where exactly did everybody live, given so many people left?
    2. If there no where for people to rent, where exactly do they expect all the immigrants they want to bring in will live?

  9. What it shows is a very real problem with housing affordability, it is nothing but disgusting that in one of the richest contrys per head of capita in the world, we have a shamful greedy, elitist, ego centric sociopathic behaviour. Why so concerning, because the system folds on itself, history shows greed, self interest equals devistion. All around the world the system is folding, failing…. unfortunatly if all else fails SEND THEM TO WAR.

    The international decloration of human rights adopted and proclaimed by the general assembly 1945.. which Australia signed onto was a international law that was designed to stop the monstrosity of WW2 happening again, it was agreed to when humanity was at its best, 1945 just after world war… history is now reapeating its self and it starts with elitism, greed, Im right mate attitude.

    Its not to late to change, but it starts with fair dickum Aussie care about one another, the mining boom and property boom has been the worst thing that ever happend in this contry..

    We need a big market correction and fast.

  10. If you're stuck and have been looking to build anywhere in the South West, Western Australia pm me and I can help you try secure some land before it's all gone. Properties & land are selling like hotcakes here!

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