Growth In Credit Eases Back…

The credit stats from RBA and APRA to end July reveals a significant slowing in credit growth. Given this is a combination of changes in borrowing power, and competitor dynamics, some lenders are chasing investment loans, others are seeking owner occupied loans.

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  1. To the end of July, … Nothing really unexpected here. $2 trillion, deary me every time I hear that number I shake my head. Excellent presentation Mr. North. Looks like, so far, everything is going according to the script. Sound judgement displayed at the end Mr. North.

  2. This is good news. Retail banks (not the reserve) create money through credit. Inflation is high (both demand and supply side). Reduction in credit =reduction in money supply=lower inflation on the medium term.

  3. this is all pretty good news… only bad part is people are using credit instead of cutting back and saving.

    I hope they stop, so RBA can keep pushing ahead, things are looking quite nice.

  4. Question Mr Martin. Do you think it's likely the government will implement digital currency system after a "bank holiday", probably on a Friday afternoon? And how can we fight this ? And how can we work outside of this, because of the social credit score being linked to this digital currency?

  5. Hello Martin , When we are looking at the credit graph at 2.58 is that credit that has been approved or credit that has been taken up by the consumer as we were approved for a loan recently but decided not to go ahead due to interest rate rises. Thanks

  6. Hi Martin. Same deal in NZ, UK, and Canada. Major credit crunch on housing loans in particular going on in those countries too.
    Credit crunch and removal of easy stimulus is pretty widespread now over the OECD as countries grapple with rising inflation. Unfortunately it affects productive parts of the economy (lending to solid businesses for expansion), however will highlight Zombie companies that have been propped up on easy QE policies…….as they collapse unemployment will rise.

  7. There is alot of Fake news out there. Peoples 401k retirement plans are tired or invested with the market without there knowledge, when the market sinks, peoples retirement will sink at the same time, I would get my 401k out and put it in a index fund, much safer. ACT quickly before the market crashes

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  9. the graph at 2.00 , shows how invester's were used to create the debt trap , which the rich are going to enjoy collecting interest on forever .
    all created by the people

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