Guess I’ll Starve to Death

Bravo, Joe.

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  1. "Wow, that sucks. Well, we could always grow our own food I guess."

    "Do you have a license for that? Local council law dictates that under Section 92 it is illegal to manufacture and produce goods for consumption unless a blah blah blah blah starve to death blah blah blah fuck you blah blah."

  2. Remember folks most popular president ever right. Wonder why his State of the Union address was the lowest ever watched??? Loyal base must had other priorities that night

  3. Gates Farms… He’s been buying up all that farmland. Bill is gonna get a sweet government contract to sell HIS produce. And then blame the economy for his absurd prices. Even though he’s already getting a fat government check. Then we’ll have breadlines.

  4. No Bull$#!T!! Last night I ordered Domino’s Pizza for the first time in about a month and it took a half hour to order a pizza a salad and breadsticks!! Because in order to order pizza in small town Colorado the delivery was routed through a call center in gnikcuF PAKISTAN to some woman who couldn’t speak hardly any English!!! I wish I was kidding!!

  5. That's not nearly as big a farce as I think you assume it to be. Mark my words, there are going to be masses of suicides under this administration, because Brandon is rapidly turning this into a country that is literally not worth living in.

    The poverty, the rampant unemployment, the rampant crime, the very real anguish of massive cultural division… quality of life in America is taking a nose dive, and people will respond to that by just giving up on life completely.

  6. Thank God, we started to grow our own everything two years ago. Screw this fake ass government who pretends to care about its people. I haven't listen to the lies for years now. I suggest everyone learn just how on your own you are now.

  7. Let's start by cutting off the food supply to the White House first!!!
    That's what an honorable Captain would do; sacrifice himself and go down with the ship!!
    That's the LAST thing Biden would do!!
    His whole worthless, miserable life has been about saving himself and that piece of trash son of his while throwing everyone else under the bus!!

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