Guess Who Loves Walls Now…

Biden is finishing the wall to save his blue friends.

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  1. Love how all the gop boot lickers are ignoring the fact that a bunch of republican mayor's and governors used tax payer money to bus the migrants all over the country

  2. Just lying Democrats. Pandering to voters. Ok. Next month Start pandering to blacks again, George Floyd gets presidential medal of freedom. BLM is honored at White House. Biden Harris are disgusting liars

  3. Can anyone see that the left and the right are on the exact same side playing the f**** general public for fools. Like wake up already get morons. Trump's not on your side either.

  4. Is it just me… Or does Joe not seem a tad like Mr burns !!!
    Here in england the oligarchy are swapping bumbling Boris for another more serious puddin to pretend to the public…

    Don't you guys give up your rights to bear arms..!
    Look what's happened to England since 1996… Dunblane massacre… Was used to take our right to bear arms…!
    Odd how crazy people always shoot up schools when gun bills are under review..!

  5. I wonder which wokist government will be the first to make it a crime to refuse to allow a refugee to live in your spare room?

    I'm going for Australia's, caused by Chinese shenanigans, before the '30's.
    Or California the day after they get your guns 😁👍

  6. Don't worry all of the illegal immigrants or undocumented people entering the U.S. by means other than lawful ports of entry are headed for D.C., great news large numbers from Afghanistan probably returning equipment left behind by Biden.

  7. Seeing how Biden was spending over $1 million a day just to postpone the construction of the border wall, you would think that the people is getting fed up with this wasting of our taxpayer dollars.

  8. Wait,isn't DC. and NY. considered a Santuary for illegal immigrants? What's the problem? I would make sure to drop 8 to 10 bus loads off in front of Biden s Delaware beach house.

  9. I'm sure they wet their pants thinking about an conservative farming area like mine being 45% hispanic…until they realize that it voted 66% for Trump…so they had to re-carve the district so it is 51% Democrat again by adding more of the local large blue county…I see what you fuckers do…

  10. Nobody attempts to redefine terms and change the perception of reality like the Democrats. They called the wall racist, now they are restarting construction claiming that they need to “fill gaps” in that very same racist wall. They screamed that it was unnecessary, now they’re taking a victory lap claiming that they are doing it to save lives. They claimed that the wall was a failure to develop effective immigration policy while they have historically taken a piss on existing policies by looking the other way and allowing blatant and rampant illegal immigration that violates policies. You can’t stop crime by refusing to enforce the law, but the Dems will never admit the failure of their soft on rule of law policies.

  11. How about start shooting illegals and their traffickers coming? They have no right to illegally enter. Warn them. If they still try, tough. It's all about the message, currently they're being told to come in.

    Same here in the UK, shoot their dinghies and we won't have ridiculously high record numbers coming across with Soros-funded high quality dinghies.

  12. Wow, now we just need to expose Hillary's corruption and how it negatively impacts Democrat-run cities, and do a good enough job in spreading the message and getting people to make the connection themselves, and maybe Joe Biden's justice department will lock her up.

  13. Iirc the real problem with Trump's wall was that a coast to coast wall is a really dumb idea because the cost of maintaining and operating it would be enormous with diminishing returns. I would bet there are more Republicans who want a white ethnostate than Democrats who want open borders.

  14. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the worst things to happen to this country in decades! Along with embracing woke Ideologies from woke politicians and woke weirdos. As Donald Trump has stated,the Biden administration and his woke ideologies have brought America to its knees.

  15. To be practical, the primary purpose of Southern border policing is to halt illegal crossings/disrupt the flow of Cartel drugs into the U.S.. However, a physical wall would be ineffective. The Cartels employ a network of tunnels, submarines, airplanes and other methods to transport product into North America; meaning they'd find a way around the wall. Often, they use highly inconspicuous tactics. Such as including their product into a legitimate commercial transportation vehicle.

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