Guess Who’s Arresting More People For Pot Than Trump?

As a candidate in 2020 Joe Biden promised he would decriminalize marijuana on a federal level and release low-level, non-violent drug offenders from their prison sentences. Yet as President Biden has not only failed to honor any of these promises, but marijuana arrests have actually GONE UP by 25 percent during his administration. Plus he fired all the White House employees who admitted to having smoked pot in the past.

Jimmy and The DIve host Jackson Hinkle discuss Biden’s reneging on such a key campaign promise.

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  1. Agreed Jimmy. God made marijuana and its from the earth. Mother nature has the cure for slot of shit and its as holes like him and big pharma that refuse to let us fully utilize it.

  2. The government took over the weed business now all the weed sucks 60 dollar dry 8ths . I'm good .when Trump was President I was smoking pounds of sour diesel on the reg when the Democrats took power they knocked out the black market for good stuff anyway

  3. Joe Biden has always said what it takes to get elected, then does nothing to keep his campaign promises. Im not surprised at all. Like Trump or not, he tried to keep his campaign promises. Imagine how nice the world would be had they not released Covid on us to destroy the Trump economy?? Remember how nice it was back in 2018?? I cannot believe how anyone can believe anything a politician says when trying to get elected.

  4. Here's an honest list of worse than Trump Presidents. Worst was Clinton. By far. He destroyed the middle class. Then the Bush's. Jr started the process of throwing 1.5 million blacks out of their homes not to mention Iraq bs. Obama a close 3rd. He could have stopped Bush's above tyranny against blacks but didn't. Trump while childish at times brought in prison reform, butted heads with China and exposed media fraud. Best President since Nixon. Far from great but still better than the others

  5. At this stage I think Krystal & Saagar are starting to sound as bluepilled as WaPo and NY Times and people listen to them just because they branded themselves as "independent" when they left The Hill. Not sus at all. 🤷‍♂

  6. biden: you can buy coporate alcohol or corporate drugs if you need to relax and self medicate. the elite have never found a depression syptom that biden could not cure with a few dozen pills at $30 each.

  7. Hold on on Griner story, it seemed wierd to jail basketball superstar to nearly max prison sentence in Russia (even if she is gay and so), until I found out there was a lot of iniciative from the USA to be sentenced. You know, not wanna listening to national anthem in domestic (WNBA) league is apperently big crime in USA:)

  8. I don’t get it…I don’t understand how Cenk can rage 😤 out about Trump, yet can calmly say that Biden is better than Trump, but can’t offer any evidence whatsoever, other than the same old talking points!?

    It’s so many people who you think are intelligent enough to understand that kickbacks from Russia, Ukraine, and China is actually corruption, and a course called Trump University that is not government backed, and is a personal choice to join or not (was) is maybe a crappy deal or not worth it, but it’s actually as bad as actual crimes and corruption!!! Yet they don’t see it?! I’m so sorry but that is TDS!

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