Guest FREAKS OUT News Hosts With TRUTH About Pipeline Attack!

Bloomberg TV made the mistake of inviting on academic and international affairs expert Jeffrey Sachs to discuss the Ukraine situation and Sachs took the opportunity to tell the truth about the Nord Stream Pipeline bombings — specifically, that all the evidence suggests the U.S. coordinated the attack. The hosts dutifully freaked out at this shockingly obvious piece of information and then were even more apoplectic as Sachs shared the substantial evidence tying the US to the explosions.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this remarkable example of the truth somehow squeaking through and out over the air on a mainstream media outlet.

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  1. Jeffery Sachs was the architect of fast tracking Russia and its former USSR states into pro western economics when the communist regime collapsed, putting millions of lives at risk and resulting hundreds of thousands of people dying due to these policies.

    That is why the establishment loves him.
    He has a direct hand in the planetary machinations, but has a finger on the pulse.

  2. I read that completely differently. I think the anchor knew what was going to happen but his job requires to play shocked. That's why the professor was surprised as well: they likely even talked before. Don't forget that if you were an anchor and wanted to get some ratings, that's how you would do it while letting some truth through along the way. In other words: this anchor might either be brilliant or stupid

  3. Seal Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden, and now their latest glory they destroyed the Norstrum 2 pipeline. Seals around the world are very proud of that. The team will be getting a medal by John Kerry the Climate Czar for helping to reduce Green House Gases. The Nobel prize awarding committee has floated the idea that Seal Team 6 will be awarded a Peace Prize, just like Barack Obama got (for doing basically nothing other than being elected),

  4. wow! Jeffery Sachs just fed that useless new host his fucking lunch! "what proof do you have it was the US?" Sachs immediately rattles off a grocery list of evidence and common sense!

  5. This is how you control the release of the truth, he is likely controlled too otherwise he would not be on, they are showing their power, basically we can even have someone on who tells the truth but watch us still be able to control the masses with our narrative. It infuriates those who are awake, its like giving us a big fuck you

  6. so it is ok to make a claim that Russia blew up their own pipeline without evidence , but you can't say the U.S. might of done it with the fact the it would benefit the U.S.
    more than Russia and a President said he would "END the North Stream"

  7. 7:20 see the pride in his expression — that's the confidence that is exuded when you know for sure that you'll be able to keep the promise you just made. This guy is no different from George Bush. Another warmongering global terrorist. How ironic that Trump, who started no wars, effectively neutralized China, North Korea and Russia with a combination of economic nous and diplomacy, forged peace agreements in the Middle East, and was nominated twice for a Nobel Peace prize on those grounds, was the one deemed dangerous by the demonic Democrats and mainstream media.

  8. One theory on the pipeline attack is that the US didn't want German civilians pushing their government to turn on the Russian pipeline again. So the USG just took out that option.

  9. J. S. I will frame every book I have bc guys like him are sadly a rare rare breed in the He definitely has always spoken the truth about everything from his early career about the so called economic development
    He was the first to criticize the world bank and the imf
    I hope he can always continue to live by his values and speak truth to power

  10. The reason Russia might blow up their own pipeline is so that they don't have to fulfill supply contracts that they had signed (Gazprom). If they just shut off the oil they get the reputation worldwide as a company that doesn't keep its promises. If they pipeline blows up they don't. That is the possible motivation.

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