Guiliani Sends Hunter Biden Laptop to Delaware PD, Claims Underage Photos Present


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  1. The release and defense of that creepy movie with the young girls, was most likely calculated, so people would be more desensitized to this sort of thing during the election. I don't even want to say the name of that movie.

    The left are made up of the ignorant, bums, and perverts. We never should have let people vote, that take more than they contribute to the system. The worthless Marxists are now the base of the Democrats.

  2. Is it legal to do twisto pervert stuff to kids in China? That s**t may be so off the wall that there may have been no law written to handle it. Maybe that is why the FBI did not do anything.

  3. The way I saw it back in 2001 dems had no problem with RG because he was in with neocons, as was Hilary. All other dems around me were strangely at peace with it. Realized a super big pendulum swing seemed to be happening. Began to read and take in many viewpoints. Result, Independent.

  4. You're saying Hitlary wouldve won if she worked harder? She cancelled those stops because no one in those states wants to see her. Same with Biden. No one is buying their horseshit.

  5. The Delaware AG is worst dem swamp monster of all. Totally in the bag with Big Dem, loves to throw open the jail doors for drug dealers and common criminals to garner votes. Jennings was the worst prosecutor in the state, and failing upward is the Delaware Way.

  6. The problem isn't that Joe Biden isn't involved with the scandal but moreso that this will prove there is a two tier justice system when nothing happens to Hunter because of his elite connections. We already know there is two tiers but this will further prove it.

  7. Dems aren’t trying to actually win the election, their plan is break the system with millions of ineligible ballots which will each be challenged in court, going well into 2021.

  8. You already said it… the FBI was created to investigate the mafia. The mafia evolved and made a deal with the FBI. now theyre covering for each other. Its business baby!

  9. The right, including Styx, is regurgitating a bullshit interpretation of that text regarding the minor and nudity. Re-read the exchange. Do it now. He was saying that the girl made an accusation against him regarding the cousin, one that the cousin, per that very text conversation, said never happened.

    It's all drama. It's all a nothingburger. I'm more interested in the corruption associated with Joe Biden.

  10. I don't think it changes anything, because it is the same kind of libtards that are left and supporting their corrupt candidate, Biden. The moderates have left the demoncrat plantation, already.

  11. It just keeps getting worse. Next thing you know they’re gonna say he sold blueprints for a nuclear bomb to North Korea or something.