“Guilty Of Sedition!” Bill Barr FINALLY Admits What We Knew All Along!


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  1. 🤔…😡*The Latest CouRT proceedings*From the Trials of The 2 oF uS 🤔….😡
    ???A FILM??? Odd.The New Disney Pinocchio Film,Charged With Pushing A Woke Agenda, Grooming Content, And A Colored Actor Playing A Fairy!?! ..🤔 IS THIS SOMEONE'S IDEA OF A JOKE!?!.😡.. GUILTY!! Throw Film To The Sharkticons. So say wE boTH..🤔..😡.

  2. I don't understand they're having this big Committee of January 6th committee today auto sports show Skip and Shannon show they were saying a bunch of cops got killed no cops got killed I don't know where they got that from no cops got killed on January 6th riot Skip and Shannon said that the cops were slipping in a bunch of blood from the cops getting shot no cops got killed the only one that got killed was an innocent girl named Ashley Babbitt she was unarmed in the show is called Undisputed with Shannon Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless they said a bunch of cops got killed that's not true that is a bunch of bulshit why isn't anything getting done with Hillary Clinton that's what I want to know

  3. Nothing is going to happen to her. It never has, and it never will. Republicans are too weak to stand up to democrats anyway which is why democrats do whatever they want regardless of the law (2020) and get away with it every time.

  4. Isn't it interesting how hind sight is always 20/20 and now they all claim they would have done things differently. Maybe they should have listened to Trump instead of fighting against him! At least the Democrats are loyal and in step with their leadership no matter how screwed up the people or policies are!

  5. If and when these future trials are over, there had better be a near 100% convictions and prison sentences or normal people will never trust the judicial system ever again!

  6. We need to stop saying these people are “Scared” and “don’t have balls” when it’s obvious they all serve the same master and have no interest in the rule of law

  7. Bill Barr knew Hillary committed sedition when Trump was in office, and he didn't say a word. He talks out of both sides of his face. He says things based on who he is around, and who can help him. He said he didn't find evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election, but how could he come to that conclusion, he didn't really do a thorough investigation. He just looked at a state or 2, and that was it. He wanted Biden to win at the time, so of course he's gonna say there was no fraud. I don't believe or trust anything Bill Barr says anymore.

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