Gun Sales SKYROCKETING, 500% Increase In Illinois And YES I Just Got Armed Too

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  1. Make sure your guns aren't all locked away and unloaded… Otherwise when you need it most you'll be stuck with a gun not ready to be used to protect you and your family

  2. IL is not anti-2A; Chicago is. Remove Chicago and it's just another rural, flyover state, b/c it's nothing but corn. More shock: culturally it's Southern since it was founded by Virginians.

  3. I wish people that were so eager to dismantle the second amendment had to permanently forfeit their rights the minute they take up that perspective.

  4. Owning a firearm is a HUGE responsibility, that statement can not be emphasized enough. There are other factors & edicts you should know. Putting a firearm to use should never be the first resort but the last. You need training and practice. Practice the draw of your firearm, how to load/reload, how & where to aim the firearm. Putting down in writing for yourself to know when you are willing to use your firearm. You must be not only able to pull the trigger but also to live with the guilt/responsibility of taking another human life. When I talked about using your firearm as a last resort you need to take actions to mitigate any vulnerability you are portraying to the world. Don’t be a soft/easy target. Pay attention to your surroundings, lock doors behind you be it a car or house door. Install deadbolts in all your outside facing doors along with something so as to keep anyone from kicking in your door. I could go on but hopefully you get the point.

  5. Been telling my friends and associates to "get guns, buy bullets" for years now. They always scoffed at me. Now they won't stop calling me, asking me to "borrow a gun" or "sell me one of your guns". Told them to use their golf clubs when the cops are gone.

  6. Illinois is NOT an "anti- 2A state". You make the classic mistake of thinking that Chicago is Illinois. It's not. Illinois loves their 2A. And when Jelly Belly or Gollum try to take our 2A rights, we'll just see.

  7. @timcast if you ever come to shithole cali again I'll give you free firearms instruction. Purple heart infantry combat veteran and nra rifle, pistol, shotgun ccw instructor. Stay safe man. Your attitude is the right one. And you should always seek out firearms training and practice.

  8. Tim, you are, and always have been, your first line of defense. You seem to be thinking about this in a very intelligent manner. Getting training is the biggest step.

  9. You have to have a FOID card in Illinois, that can take 3 months to get on a good day. Then you have to wait 1 day for a long gun, 7 days for a hand gun, no handgun purchases outside of Illinois. Long guns ok in neighboringvststes

  10. And all theses new gun owners will vote for Democrats that have sworn to take them away. Idiots…they hate the NRA whose work made it possible for them to buy they gun they so desperately need now to protect their family.

  11. Tim – I thought that Steven Crowder (Louder with Crowder) gave you a firearm.
    Like a kid getting their first pushbike….
    Are you adding to your collection?
    How soon until your basement looks like an armory? (and that is a good thing)……

  12. It's a natural part of being human. Having weapons is a thing that has shaped us, both physically and psychologically, throughout evolution. Being defenseless and helpless is the unnatural condition. It doesn't fit with our also genetically inherited behavior patterns.

  13. …And don't forget to educate yourself and train. Train, train, train. But keep one thing in mind: If it ever gets down to a real situation, – by the time you're about 30 sec in, your hands will start to shake uncontrollably. Being relaxed and having crisp, light triggers is for target competition. Train target precision shooting. And train it at first. It's necessary to understand trigger control and sights. But don't rely on that training to help you out in a real situation. Get stressful combat training, for the posture, hold and control. Shooting down 20 plates in 12 sec is not important. Getting your gun into action and having it actually work is. Being able to fire an adequately controlled shot is. Under stress.

  14. You did not “go out and decide what to get” you were given guns by men who weren’t as ignorant as you then guntube community had your back and took care of you so do not act like you went out to a gun shop and picked out what you thought would work you didn’t and still don’t know shit about guns, you having a gun now doesn’t change shit you would be more afraid of using the gun the any violent suspect would be of your even with a gun so you better not treat your gun like you do your skateboard and just keep in laying in the closet so you can say “I skate”

  15. What's funny, yet infuriating is they are now using the same exact arguments pro-2nd amendment have been using the entire time. Ironically enough it's not the far right spooking them into buying them, it's their fellow far lefties.

  16. Ppl…if you get a gun, then get TRAINED! For fks sake, an irresponsible gun owner will have to live w the consequences of stupid actions.

  17. You may dislike republicans which lot of conservatives do also but you still say you aren't conservative? Where will your left liberal belief lead. You need to conserve culture and way of life of your predecessors and liberals want to do opposite of that. Republicans stand least on the paper closer to the truth than Dems. You may not like them but pretend that you are still liberal or left is insane. You are too smart to be this dumb.
    It's simple as that.

  18. If you think you don't need guns because you are protected by your local police department then surely you don't need fire extinguisher because you are protected by your local fire department.

    In both cases seconds count when both departments are minutes away.

  19. Tim, been watching off & on for several months. As a former Marine myself, I doubt that your father approves of your political viewpoint all the time but is proud of you standing up for what you believe in. However, I think he would be very proud of this episode. Still looking to move out of NJ ? Come to Ohio.

  20. Illinois requires a FOID card to purchase a gun and ammunition. You need this card to even touch a gun in Illinois. Then three day wait time when you purchase before you can take your firearm home.