Guy Who Tried To KIDNAP Democrat Governor Was BLM Supporter, Left And Right Are MEANINGLESS Now

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  1. well, this guy was by all definition left wing. not sure what you're getting at. media just say everything is right wing they don't even acknowledge the left wing. blm, antifa, anarchists, these are ALL left wing, even if you want to pretend that those words mean nothing, they do. marxists are still marxists, and they are left wing ideologies.

  2. Tim: "If the media says that the Boogaloo groups are far-right extremists yet they March with and support BLM then what does that really mean, left and right?" it means the media lies you dumbass, they aren't 'rightwingers', the media called a pro-BLM bIack guy that struck a wh-ite BLM protester with his car a "wh-ite supremacist". Being honest is all you have going for you Tim, most of your opinions are du-mb as F, you contradict yourself constantly and you do horrible research on most stories while dismissing things you haven't done any research on. If a wh-ite guy shoots some shit up the media calls him a far-right extremist without knowing anything about his political beliefs

  3. Tim it's great you got relevant to one of my friends threads. I also tossed a deserved plug on Larry Correia's page. You and your crew do great work. I'm a Conservative, a little more libertarian without the anti-religious stance. Thanks from Michigan.

  4. If they are white and they start violence, they try to say they are white supremacist. Even if they are in the left. Anything they can do to make it look like the right is bad. Because the right relatively doesn't do stupid shit, they have to get their own actors involved to call them bad.

  5. Tim, the leftist believe in managing the population and resources. They view the elderly as a consumer of resources and worthless since they are not producing anything.. Their view towards the elderly is "die already", so they do not care if they scare an elderly person by throwing rocks through their windows, they actually hope to cause a heart attack..
    Disgusting way to think, 'eh..?

  6. Like removing a tyrant is a crime? Since when? Even the Democrat controlled State Supreme Court ruled against her. It's time she resigned. For everyone's sake. No American will endure a tyrant. My only complaint is that patriots weren't involved. They would have succeeded.

  7. He says, “crazy stuff like staking out her house or vacation home.” So basically what police do. So if I am in an area where the police were defunded, the citizens would have to take it upon themselves to go after a tyrannical political. Tim, I think you missed the point of this is what is supposed to happen. The people are defending themselves from a tyrannical government. It is becoming more and more obvious that the “left” have lost the plot. If we don’t have police it turns into a mob rule and citizen empowerment which makes things uncivil. We need the police, even corrupt, we need the balance or at least the illusion of balance to operate.

  8. I am not surprised one bit!!!! BLM and antifa are groups that will go to any means to push their morality and their murderous dictatorial doctrine on everyone else!!!! What do you think when they mean by " by any means" !!!!!

  9. Someone attempts a kidnapping on a politician and its labeled as a "citizens arrest" and they're pitied by the media for being poor and get off easy but a couple can't even protect their home and livelihood without felony charges being pressed, or defend yourself from rioters without the State and city saying "No ThAtS rAcIsT." I can't wait for 2020 to be done.

  10. Tim: "Look, there's an emergency situation with the pandemic." No, there isn't, it's not even a pandemic anymore. Her special powers only existed within the emergency. There is no emergency, there are treatments and effective cures.

  11. As soon as an elected official, and one that has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the state constitution, betrays that oath and seeks circumvent the system of checks and balances that our nation is built upon, he or she is a traitor and a tyrant.

  12. Left, right absolutely exists. It's a generalized spectrum. Just because not everyone fits into a convenient little package for the low iq masses to unwrap, doesn't mean that the whole analogy is bunk.

  13. The guy that shot up Dayton Ohio with a rifle turned out to be Warren fanatic, and was seen armed by a friend at an antifa type rally in town. But you had to read local news to find this out. MSM intentionally hid the facts. They are no different than NK news.