Gymstrodamus Was Right

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  1. Followed the law all my life. Paid tax on every penny earned. This is one thing that they'd have to arrest me and forcibly inject into me. Then the truth of what we live in would be apparent.

  2. Let's add another wild (but also likely) prediction:
    People are going to be taking so many doses of the vaccine that they look like junkies with track marks up and down their arms.
    "Oi, mate… ya got any of that Pfizer? That's the good sh–."

  3. I posted his video clip on my youtube community page and just today it has been deleted. Says the video is not publicly available.
    People should be very concerned about whats happening. The only thing that makes sense right now is that there is a globally coordinated genocide taking place.

  4. Doesn't even matter how obvious this all is. People are either too scared, too stupid, or too apathetic to even have a fair conversation. I'm sure you all have tried to talk about this with a friend or loved one. They instantly shut down.

  5. Oh you in the developing countries, where I live we are being prepared by the media for bimonthly shots, electronic health-passports are coming next month and mandatory vaccinations for children in order to attend school, and lockdowns never really lifted. I for one of course welcome our new corporate overlords.

  6. They got the wuflu shot out in less then a year, not 18months. They have been giving the shot since almost last summer for the first trials in India

  7. Gee, I never knew "muscle-mutt's" knew soooo much about stuff and junk. Clearly intellectually superior to the average viewer here then hence the hero worship. Just think, all you 100 lb weaklings hereabouts could workout like Gymstrodamus, boost your "T" levels, get some buff pecs and YOU TOO can have an IQ of almost 100!

  8. It really is looking more and more like a planned event. Certain Internet personalitys have long warned of population control and massive wealth transfer. And here we are. Looks like the coof wasn't quite as deadly as they'd have liked though.

  9. Finally you're seeing the truth, gym bro Chris Skye articulated what Dave Cullen Computing Forever was talking about in April 2020 on his channel. It's been a frustrating 18 months but when l see even you guys starting to acknowledge the conspiracy is real l have hope we might have the beginning of a counter narrative going mainstream.