“Hang On… Big Pharma Are Doing WHAT Now?” That’s CRIMINAL

Pfizer and other Big Pharma corporations are lobbying to block whistleblowers reporting their corporate fraud.
#Pfizer #BigPharma #Whistleblowers

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. This has been the way for decade's nothing will change most people in power are psychopaths with zero empathy
    And this company makes the c19 vaccine good luck to all those who got jabbed

  2. Mate, the fact that Psizer have stated that the new variant gives one an enlarged heart and other heart problems is all the evidence I need.. Where is my hammer… and nails..

  3. If the MAJORITY walked away
    from the minority
    they would only be left
    with a big pile of useless paper
    and metal discs
    and nobody to take care of them
    as slaves to their agendas

    Which Super Rich people
    do you support

    and why ?

    You may need to reidentify
    your decision
    from a positive to a negative

  4. The courts are essentially saying if the government is giving $$$ to a corporation that corporation is incapable of committing fraud even if there is undeniable proof that fraud is being committed. Calling this corruption is the understatement of the century. The sad part is the media and government has people arguing about gender nonsense while they do this corrupt crap and barely anyone pays attention. Divide and conqueror. The government does not want educated well informed citizens.

  5. Follow the money and then follow that money and their fake companies that are laundering money to fund these evil agendas and their evil! I did and it's shocking how many around the world are all tied together! These evil people their god is money and they'll kill, disappear people to keep it! Seth Rich was murdered! Einstein was CIAed! These evil people are the biggest Mob bosses! Pure evil!

  6. When money is THE primary goal, which it clearly is in these Big Pharma companies, none of them is going to give you a pill that truly makes you better. Where is the profit in healing people? I am convinced that there are cures for cancer that will never be revealed, let alone used, because they need sick people to keep their companies running. Look how many BILLIONS of pounds have been injected into cancer research over the years, yet has it been eradicated for good? It is one of the biggest killers on the planet, yet, despite massive funding, it is still claiming lives each year; then a deliberate, man made virus gets leaked out (whether on purpose or accident, the reason for making these is inhuman and evil) and within a couple of MONTHS they have a ‘vaccine’ and are not liable for ANY damage that may be done in this experimental drug! Their answer…..,”We had a lot of funding, so this gave us the green light to invent something quickly” What a load of absolute BS! Yet it seems that 90% of the UK population alone bought into it! I find it completely ironic that someone will take a drug because they are sick of feeling tired and having a headache because the doctor says “Here, take this, this will make you feel better” Turns out, on the Side Effects leaflet, it states, among the many possible side effects, that it ‘may cause tiredness and headache!’ I kid you not! Thanks for your great humour in these sad times Russell.

  7. There are literally different laws for different people. I can't even put into words my disgust and disbelief at the blatant temerity of these lobbyists and the willingness of governments to allow it. The corruption is off the scale and is not even being hidden. That's how little they think of us.

  8. Another issue really concerns me is how the great majority still have no clue this is going on while they willingly roll up their sleeves for more experimental jabs.

  9. Mitch McConnell appears to be a lobster IMO. He clearly enjoys cocaine & asian women, as well as clearly having one glass eyeball — or one eye that’s on a slight delay when compared to the other. Additionally, it’s entirely possible he’s a marsupial; his pouch is the front end of his neck, although what he stores in there is a mystery. It looks like jello… And to be honest, but not at all having to do w/ lobsteroo, I do have pouch envy. I have many things I’d love to carry in a pouch… At any rate, great video as always Russell. Thanks for somehow beating the cancellation algorithm’s. ✌🏼 & ❤️

  10. I have not been to see a doctor for over 33 years since I realized that that system is not about health, but money. Brought my children up the same way. We see a lot of alternative therapists like osteopaths, naturopaths, accupuncturists etc. We also eat 60-70% raw organic. My husband and I are the oldest in our families at age 64 and also by far the healthiest. All 6 younger siblings are on multiple medications, while we occasionally take vitamins. Have not been sick for over 30 years… We love our lives 🙂

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