Hang On, Bill Gates Just Predicted WHAT?

Bill Gates says polarisation is leading to civil war – but how has he contributed to this, and are he and other rich elites benefitting from it? #billgates #farming #civilwar

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The viewpoint that we can embrace technology and grow together as one is a very humbling stance and one that I align with, It is refreshing to hear these words spoken as many don't see the issue or take on the Bystander effect with their views. The more people I talk to the better the understanding that we are all walking around in a state of group Hypnosis where we are frightened to know thy neighbor through fear of what has been portrayed in MSM and the "Programs" that are displayed on "Free to air" TV. Understanding that belief systems are purely what we have chosen to accept as fact without the backing of factual evidence, In other words, an opinion and likely one that started from someone else whom we admired. Russell's work in raising the awareness is something that I also do, on a much smaller scale and its reassuring that some one with such a large platform is real woke in the sense of the broader community, a beacon of hope for mankind in a similar position as Jordan Peterson with calling out the nonsense

  2. I digress to say this to one and to all.. This is NOT true! Biden is not switching to digital currency!I love you all and I'm not trying to be rude or anything but most preppers are saying the USA is switching over to digital currency. Please trust me, this is NOT going to happen! Just like nothing happened on September 24th when we kept being told that something was going down that day, so much so we would remember where we were, what we were doing etc. This is just more propaganda, "them" trying to produce mass hysteria etc, so we start buying up their gold and silver etc…just think if everyone took all their money and bought gold and silver! You cant pay your bills or grocery shop with gold and silver! I've been researching like crazy and like I said the USA is NOT, I repeat NOT going to switch from our existing currency to digital currency! It makes my really wonder why all of the preppers keep saying this; is someone with another so called agenda for whatever reason paying preppers to spread this crazy story to the masses, to we the people? Time will tell…just wait and watch and everyone will see eventually that this is NOT going to happen! So please everyone do not take your hard earned money, do not take your hard earned savings and buy gold and silver! But with the way things are going it might not be a bad idea to take a good portion of your money out of the banks and hide it in several different and safe locations at home and keep it to yourself and tell no one, not even your best friend($)! Do the research, dig and dig some more, Biden is not getting rid of our cash, and is not switching to digital currency! Just be6the rest of the world is doing it doesn't mean our country is. Mark my words and when a few months have passed remember my words….so please do not buy into this farce! !!!!

  3. If the true agenda of the Globalists, G7, WEF is to depopulate the planet. They will have to kill 7.5 billion people. WW2 only killed about 50-60 million. So they are hitting us with everything they can. Global famine, War, V@X, GMO food, Poisoned water, suicide, Global economic collapse, CIVIL WAR, Global war, eat bugs ( our bodies can not digest them), All types of health diseases, cancers, messing with the weather deliberately causing droughts, floods, blowing up food production plants and storage etc.

  4. Bill Gates’ foundation should be charged as a tax avoidance strategy and charged with a 40% windfall tax.
    We have democratically supported institutions called governments that we the people have charged to undertake large scale projects and distribute funds because no one individual should wield such power.
    Bill Gates is a rather fortunate computer programmer and should stick to computer programming and pay his taxes to only people who have been voted by the people into accountable positions to control the world.

  5. Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden said at a press conference in February with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that if Russia were to invade, the U.S. would "end" the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

    "If Russia invades … then there will be … no longer a Nord Stream 2 pipeline," Biden said.

    When asked how the U.S. would end the pipeline, given that it has no ownership, Biden said, "I promise you, we'll be able to do it." The promise to sabotage the pipeline is a fact not a theory.

    There was no need for Russia to destroy the pipelines since they already had control of the taps to turn them off. In fact, the economic damage to Russia is enormous and effectively means that even if the war ends Russia will take years to recover.

  6. Here’s my question – why would Bill Gates bother to subjugate Indian farmers to some evil scheme? Maybe he’s actually trying to help them. If all he wanted to do was make more money he would’ve held onto it instead of giving it away… Have you ever considered that maybe Bill Gates wants to help people? Why are we so convinced that he is an evil imperialist?

  7. Something tells me that Russell Brand is not particularly open to alternative points of view – Doesn’t seem like he would be the best listener in fact one thing I’ve noticed is when he has guests on , And when they’re talking he seems to fidget and look away as if he’s incredibly bored… Russell Brown seems to be in love with his own voice

  8. Maybe you should bring on somebody from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to explain what they’re doing in India… Let them explain… My guess is they’re actually trying to help people there instead of subjugating them… Why would they want a subjugate farmers in India?

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