“Hang on, CIVIL WAR now?!” This is alarming.

Happy Independence Day! But as a new poll shows 44% of Americans believe the nation is headed toward another civil war, is the country more divided than ever?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Before the American War of Independence, each State was considered a separate Baronetcy. The highest member of the British Aristocracy who resided in each Baronetcy was the ruler of that baronetcy.
    The declaration of independence brought all the independent baronetcies together into one nation.

    The United Kingdom is the common control of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland. Wales was never a Kingdom. It has been a Principality, led by a Welsh Prince until they were subdued by the English.

  2. Well I think we are in a Civil Cold War… you have babies screaming for their ignorance that the Supreme Court said, finally, let the states deal with it. Now, there is no real North and South. So most murders and cases are gang, drug and poverty. Honestly, the far left screams whatever the professors say when they themselves should have maybe got the coat hanger… I know that's rude but is it? Maybe the coat hanger thing was the dagger but I have to say, some people have done it for others to talk about it. They have everyone being spoon fed from the on the platform they set up. One side is getting all their nutrients from Ghonnah and the others are just slurping down that Dia. The Rrhea sisters are at work as always, so that we fight each other down to primitive ignorant closed minded people they want us to. No Government cares about us. Not anywhere, they will even take out their own. So America is awesome and the World needs us to FIGHT THE FUCKING SYSTEM NOT EACH OTHER!

  3. I believe it's impossible to create an all-inclusive culture that validates every voice. It's a phylosophical and practical impossibility, especially when some of these perspectives are antithetical to each other. For example, how could you find the middle ground between a Liberal worldview and one whose eschatology is the demolishing of Western values? It's the proverbial issue of mixing iron with clay.

  4. A civil war is highly unlikely in the US without some kind of collapse that stops the flow of corn syrup and chicken nuggets into our obese bodies. As long as hulu and netflix keep broadcasting their cheap, degenerate porn into our living rooms no one will leave them.

  5. We are a nation only in the extreme modern sense. Less and less people share much in common. Fewer and fewer people share language, customs, culture, morals or ideals. We have no border to speak of. I certainly wouldn’t fight for this country anymore; not for a country that views me as enemy number 1-only to be used as a permanent source of taxation. I’m at the same time powerless yet the overall oppressor of everyone. I feel no pride in being an American at this time, just like those who refuse to stand for the national anthem or want it banned or want the US flag to change-are they patriotic lovers of this nation? We are in the pilfering stage of democracy so get what you can for your families everyone.

  6. That's exactly 💯right.
    Think about keeping up with the JonesS philosophy 🤔. Think about ur individual indifference of who u r at the heart ❤. Ur not these people the want u to become ; ur urself indifferent. 🙄 LIBERTY IS CHOICE IN MANNERS , BARR NONE COULD REFUTE. 🤗 THAT MIGHT B THE REASON WE SHOULD HAVE A CIVIL WAR .

  7. Man you’re more reasonable than all of our mainstream politicians.

    However the American experiment has run its course. I personally don’t believe that America is a force of good in the world, and has not been for many decades. It’s time for us to break up into smaller nation-states.

  8. It's called These United States because the states are supposed to make most of their laws not the federal government. Just look at the mostly ignored 10th amendment.

  9. Without consensus, or arguments surrounding ideals/religion/spirituality we're wasting lives/resources/time – quality of life.
    Many consider Bruce Lee the grandfather of MMA..

  10. The "united" in The United States means states in agreement to follow the constitution…local states can freely operate as long as they adhere to the Constitution and our bill of rights.

  11. Woot! You get it bro! Small communities run countries but cities get all the best. Why shouldn't we have wifi for instance provided free across the entire county to allow data and ideas to flow. This would allow everyone to be politically involved, in any community at any time, think Old Greek Politics, but in an age anyone can talk and hold the floor.

  12. Russell Brand
    1. Can you name the three Abrahamic religions ?
    They are close to each other and there are minor differences between them ?

    2. What is the largest religion in the world ?
    Think carefully about that before you answer.

  13. It APEARS we’re headed for a civil war, but I’m afraid it’s much worse.
    We are IN world war 3.
    Battlefield USA.
    We’re being attacked from all sides, and especially from within.
    Cartel’s from the south.
    China from all sides AND within.
    Globalist mercenaries are destroying our food plants, releasing diseases, destroying covid treatments, it goes on and on.
    Who’s the enemy in this world war?
    Conservative people.
    Who’s the aggressor?
    Progressive Liberal activists.
    America is falling as we speak.
    By the time it is declared, it will already be too late.
    We’re barely scratching the surface of how bad this is really going to get.
    Good luck everyone.

  14. My first impressions of USA 🇺🇸 when I arrived from 🇬🇧 uk was how patriotic and proud they are of their country as most houses we passed had American flags outside them.
    In Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 where my family have lived for centuries and we as a nation are very patriotic were told by the PC leftist government that were now not allowed to fly our Scottish flags cause it’s raciest. 🤦‍♀️ unlike America Scottish people generally don’t have flags outside their house however, first thing I did was buy a flag and put it on a mast outside my house because I’m not raciest – ‘they’ are …..

  15. I know how we will fill the divide of the ideological world we humans have paradoxically entrapped ourselves in.

    We vote Russel into parliament, or BRAND AMERICA 2024!

    Ik that might be opposite of decentralization but stick with me here. After Russel wins, he/we will subjectively, objectively, and legally justify that decentralized interdependent communities are the only logical way to prevent war and or total collapse of humanity. And then the collective consciousness of humanity agrees, and turns to face a new light, but those that don't fall off the spinning cosmological top that is Earth.

    Orrr… After a global civil uprising and dismantling of all corrupt establishments, we will naturally form communities that focus on harmonizing with relative environmental needs instead of massive corporate greeds. (Or any human decadence for that matter.)
    And they'd focus on loving and living with family, body and soul in an open and disciplined way 💫

    Thanks to anyone who read my ted talk, and love goes out to everyone especially Russel for the inspiration and his brilliant perspective!

  16. Russell. I see your passion and judging by the comments, you have a gift for stirring emotions, but why won't you talk about Gematria? Fighting with fists won't fix this. All that will do is play right into it and allow institution an excuse for further locks on people. Gematria is what people need to see through the divisive b.s. Once you see it, you'll see it in everything and understand that the vibration of chaos is running rampant in our country. We have to change the vibration safely without playing into war amongst each other. It solves nothing, and it's what they want. Study Gematria. Ignore anyone trying to spur you to light it up, even those who are talking about Gematria. It's a trap. Vibration can be changed without fighting each other. You just have to see it, and go another way.

  17. Cheers bro I've been watching your content for some time and a lot of what you say I agree too because of the state of human beings and the state of their minds. Common Sense isn't so common nowadays but in the spirit of having common sense is common sense when it comes down to safety of Mind Body and Soul is a personal effort but it's also a community effort since the 1990s there has been on the line group to be named nameless have secured and segregated people from all walks of life all colors and Creed for an agenda. We are not in the know so we don't know what this agenda is but we kind of see what it is as we move along in our day-to-day life since the 1990s up to current date we've been at a covert Civil War since the 90s the war on drug and the '80s was on the war on its people and it solidified in the 90s and grown to what it is today social media is a tool not a lifestyle. Since the segregation of the internet move from a vast internet to internet portals in which we use today information gets convoluted what's that information got confused and convoluted so that the minds of the American people yes we are on a verge of another civil war if you look at the countries of the world how many Civil Wars have they had before they finally buried the hatchet and started acting with common sense not all of them but they started to. America has maybe one or two more Civil Wars before we finally has the race issue the sex issue and mental health issues until then we going to have to fight it out I don't want that outcome nor do I desire it but what choice of those who are trapped in America who cannot freely move around the world those are the ones who are going to be affected the most and the ones that are going to be on the front lines of this new Civil War before we know it will be fighting block the block straight to Street state to state if we do not do nothing about this and we do not take an accountability of people's mental stress America is lost this mental stress is based on our political rivalries and it further buries in the hatchet of segregation into the skulls of America. Enough is enough there are people refusing to vote because it's true in America our votes don't matter

  18. Yeh …time for a restart and a clean slate…not liking the lefty’s holding a hun to my head to pay taxes for every retarded moral virtuous thing they can think of to spend money on to get more votes! What happened to personal accountability and responsibility…I don’t want to pay for done idiots abortion, sex change surgery, food, housing, cancer therapy, cell phone, corporate assistance for labor union run companies, or some foreign countries war…screw that! The USA was built on individual independence and ability to keep the fruit of your labor….all of it!!

  19. Hey Russ. Long time fan here who enjoys what you do but I have a serious question.
    Does it ever worry you that much if your thumbnails and titles, being designed to grab attention and make people watch, are fear based attention getters. I appreciate that this is a media technique and you go deep on the subjects but it is triggering that fear response.
    Being that you are concerned with higher consciousness (as am I) I’m just wondering how you feel about this? Are you at all torn?
    I get that your team does all this stuff but do you feel responsible?

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