Hang On, Covid Came From WHAT?

As a major new Covid report suggests the virus could have leaked from a US lab, are we getting any closer to understanding the natural origin hypothesis was so heavily promoted? #covid #pandemic #lableak

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. If I remember correctly weren't there a global wave of protests at the time of COVID! Weren't there demonstrations in Hong Kong against the takeover of the CCP? What happened to the French yellow jackets? Etc, etc? Just asking as the timing couldn't have been more perfect even if it was written by Hollywood IMO 🤷‍♂️🤔😎

  2. As for the COVID pill showing now measurable difference in adults 40-65.. how do you know that the pill wasnt even meant to have an effect on them because it was made for younger populations? You just show headlines that legitimately don't mean a fucking thing.

  3. This news unfortunately matches up with many of the early “scientific” whistleblowers (I can’t remember the names) but there were several ex government officials who claimed to have been working on and with the virus as far back as Bush Sr’s and Clinton’s Administration- so from a proper investigative perspective – when these multiply sourced “conspiratorial” claims begin to corroborate one another I think that it starts to look plausible that this may have been more planned than anyone wants to believe – yet, like so many other instances where information adds up to something that goes against the mainstream narrative, it’s easier for most people to sleep at night if they pass it off as conspiracy theory instead of actual criminal conspiracy.

    Thank you again Mr. Russel Brand for yet another extremely relevant and unbiased look at these topics. 🙏

    Stay Free 🖖

  4. What I am about to say is true and can be verified by medical records. My wife and I got sick in October of 2017
    She was a smoker for many years. Ended up in hospital with 80 percent oxygen saturation. We both lost all senses of smell and taste . Low temperature and when senses returned every tasted and smelled horrible. So much so with quite smoking cold turkey. We both self quanteened as we caught the illness while signing bank documents. Sense then both daughters have been verified with covid19, we were in direct contact with them during their infection, washing hands,lysol wearing masks but no covid19 vaccine for any of us. Did not get sick . We truly believe covid19 has been around much longer than we are being told. God bless you and keep up the good work

  5. The W.H.O have places all over the world including the UK .what's to say it wasn't spread by all of them, or many of them,to increase the spread, as it spread so quickly . it came from more than 1 laboratory I'd say,it was a plan _demic as most ppl with any sense no , event 201 part of the agenda 21 program..

  6. Science is a tool! Some are in the toolbox, some are awaiting development!? Why should the operators of these “Scientific” tools not be the same? Like blotting paper and ink…..useful in the correct disciplined context. But I am Very, very wary of letting some of these scientific tools ( genetic, epigenetic, vaccines) anywhere near my tool box!?

  7. Remember the Chinese nationals that were stopped in California with a briefcase containing clear vials? Remember how they had been granted illegal access by paying that dude 90k a month?

  8. 99.7 percent sure like the the survival rate of covid that this came from a lab in China or the US which would not surprise me at all and this dr better hire security because he is a walking dead man I hope he realizes how much danger he put himself in……. if he does he is an absolute legend

  9. I can see your point and add that it is highly factual. Never put it past the powers that be to work together to come up with some way to control the population and the people in one swift move.

  10. Not being investigated in my opinion… because it was a planned attack on the population of the world….how many times do these so called elites have to say that they need depopulation? Just my thought 🤔😜

  11. Russel you said it perfectly,it is by what they do and the results thereof. Jesus basically said the same thing,you will know them by the fruits they produce,paraphrasing of course,but you get the meaning.


  13. What BS! IT didn't start in the USA. China had been covering it up since the fall of 2019. Why were people not allowed into Wuhan but they were allowed to fly around the world? All these Sars covid viruses come from CHINA. Gain of function is dangerously and should never be allowed but CHINA is irresponsible.

  14. Covid came from…. A false pcr kit using it at 38-45 ct values, then disabiling the flu reporting in every single country on earth, then saying on camera they will declare anyone with a pre exising illness or on hospice to be convid, then fired million of frontline heroes for telling the truth, then using police to beat any protestors.

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