Hang On…. Have We All Been CONNED By Jan 6th?!

The events of January 6th have been used to further polarise the population – but in terms of being unitised to suit political agendas, is this another example how Republicans and Democrats have the same objective?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The Ron de santos bill was not an anti protest bill. It was an anti riot bill. It’s not against free speech. The purpose appears on the surface to criminalise rioters who loot, burn buildings and take down statues. De Santos seems very popular in Florida. So I was surprised to see this framed as anti protest. I think de santos wanting to protect his communities homes and businesses is hardly controversial. If they are his motives.

  2. It is scary to me that we still allow a corrupt institution like parliament to run our lives, Russell you are a shining light in these times. We need to remember, the government are meant to work for us, the police are meant to work for us but, these institutions have been oppressing us for years.

  3. Wow, Tucker was really going after Ted. I never watch him, but I hope he does that with the wacko liberals, too. I always liked Ted Cruz. He messed up, though. Maybe he'll get back on track.

  4. Trump wanted to use the national guard to protect the security but the demoprats did not allow that to happen. Makes you wonder if they knew what was going to happen!!!.🤔🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  5. RB is starting to remind me of the bloke Jude Law played in Contagion. Just havn`t gone all in on batshit yet. Getting there though 👌the intro about the number of enlightened subs, is giving me the runs 😬

  6. For the most part I like Ted Cruz's political positions, but I think Tucker Carlson significantly overstates the Senator's intelligence. The 2016 Republican nominating campaign made it painfully obvious that nearly every word he says in public is essentially a memorized speech. His demeanor was that of a robot during that campaign and especially during the debates. I just think someone in that high an office ought to have the self-confidence and clarity of mind to be able to organize thoughts in such a way that he or she can get their point across without memorizing it word for word ahead of time. His decision to go on a vacation to Cancun during the Texas power crisis showed an amazing lack of foresight about how such a move would be used against him politically. I'm not even saying it was necessarily bad on its face, but his lack of ability to think through the optics was politically incompetent. I'm perfectly happy to have Ted Cruz in a high legislative office. I would be much less comfortable with having him on the Supreme Court, and much, MUCH less comfortable having him in a high executive position. What Carlson attributes to high intelligence I think is more likely attributable to the opposite.

  7. I totally agree with what you're saying Russell.
    I think that political persons in America use and create incidents to get public attention and support in the ways that they believe will benefit their own interests / adgendas. I also find it pathetic ( no criticism towards you my
    man) that it takes someone from another country to see with clear vision what is going down in our own country? wtf?
    third-ly I think the real underlying problem here is that everything now hinges on sexual preference and by getting these heated issues going to distract from the bigger issues of freedom itself. These are preconceived notions being advocated that legislature will allow more freedom when it does the exact opposite and has proven that through history. Now a days I feel that you have to be gay or lesbian to be liberal and gay or lesbian to be straight there is no in between. If you need to use a state agency like a legal service… if you aren't LGBT then you are against their cause, not that you are, but just that you identify straight which lands you with republican , conservative, anti gay, labels whether you are or not you can no longer be supportive of something if you don't have a tattoo for it Russell. It's pathic here stupids live and live well.

  8. Here is how I feel on this issue, once enough of your rights have been removed in the name of "safety" the powers that be will no longer need to continue the circus and remove the clowns & and jugglers of politics we are obsessing over at and leave us chained in the cave staring at the blank wall. This is the future we are sleepwalking into for our children.

  9. 15:36
    I feel sorry for these politicians
    Ted Cruz in particular is a sad case.
    Why doesn’t he just fade out gracefully?
    He failed at trying to become president, I mean if that happened to me I would use my connections to become a wealthy farmer.
    He should go in to hiding like that.

    He shouldn’t still be putting his face up on TV so much…guess he’s stuck.

  10. Without having much knowledge on Tucker and Fox the general narrative told me that they were absolutely bonkers, supremacist etc. After actually giving Tucker a listen, he generally speaking makes a lot of sense. More that most other media puppets.

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