“Hang On… It’s A TRAP!!!” This Is TERRIFYING

In case you missed it, Facebook has changed to Meta. But as Mark Zuckerberg unveils his ‘Metaverse’, is this just a ploy to keep us locked into Facebook forever?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. So, uhm, this already exists, it is called "VRChat." Facebook AKA "Meta" just wants to ruin yet another part of the Internet where people are being free and not getting ads shoved into their consciousnesses constantly. Social VR is the future of social networking, and in my opinion, the future of many aspects of how people communicate and connect to people remotely. It already has many scary consequences that people are not aware of. Imagine Meta, whose primary concern is essentially brainwashing people, with a platform that has the capability to almost entirely immerse a persons senses–it doesn't take a psychologist to see the danger of unfettered use of such a platform by those in power who want to control people's thoughts.

  2. M.Z. is no normal human being. In fact, imho, he is barely human at all except for his visible exterior. I'm thinking someone has been eating far too many cookies from the 'ol A.I. cookie jar…

  3. I went off this platform as soon as the new name change this is satanic and what a great way of traping all of the souls of the people on the new Meta book Meta in Hebrew meaning is dead , so no thanks im off of there !!

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