Hang On, Pfizer Just Admitted WHAT?!

Due to a recent strike on this platform, we’re now having to censor ourselves from talking about, say, Pfizer stating that they didn’t test whether its Covid vaccine prevented transmission before it entered the market. We’ll do our best though – and you can do the rest in your own heads. Yes, that’s what it’s come to! #covid #pandemic #vaccine

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. "You'll be fact-checked right out of here, Dutchman"….lol. as I sit here unjabbed, laughing between fits of remnants of a cough after covid. So happy my spouse and I didn't cave in to the fear mongering. Once I tested positive I began a regimen of 1000 mg Vit C twice a day, 75 mg Zinc, B complex, 325 mg aspirin daily, one prebiotic with bifidum in it, staying hydrated, and the worst of it was over in 3 days, followed by 4 days of fatigue.

  2. I am in alignment with the views mostly expressed here. I personally experienced an adverse reaction to Pf dose 1 as a healthcare worker, refused subsequent doses, was bullied and intimidated and would not take another dose. I was fired from my job as an interfaith chaplain in Hospice. As far as the censorship goes, I think that the extreme anti-vaxxer community sort of caused an extremist reaction on the other side. So people on both sides of the argument became totally out of control and people like me paid the price.

  3. Here in Austria where I live (and in Germany, too), in both countries there's an extreme censorship.

    Since this pfizer woman admitted the lack of transmission trials there was no headline, no article about this interrogation in austrian newspapers. I did a search routine throughout the common newspapers – nothing…. They didn't even mention it although they had enough time (4 or 5 dass ago).

    The whole world knew about this interrogation very soon, it went viral promptly. But Austria had no single article about this.

  4. The best part is when I share John Campbells video about this, the fact checkers say "clinical trials are not meant to test for transmission reduction. That's not how science works."
    Well if that's not how science works how come they spent 2 years saying "trust the science that says it reduces transmission"?

  5. You are absolutely no different than main street media promoting fear for profit. Your pay to subscribe to access makes you NO different that those that you call out on profiting from promoting fear. You have to be completely at odds within on your spiritual quest. Truth is truth and your struggle is so apparent.

  6. Look, I know the 'drivers' of youtube need to cover their 'legal' butts. Question is… as a platform for user created content, how did these folks not see this coming? If youtube is using algorithms to censor, then, what does that say about their 'keywords' ? As a 'Premium' member and a 50yr old father of 4… I do need a platform to guide me or my children on anything.

  7. Keep pushing rumble while on you tube. You have a massive following. It's the only way to get out true information. There has to be an alternative to you tube.

  8. Be careful , if you noticed Dr John Campbell, who I also follow ; always uses medical reports & news clips❣️ He’s had to since he got his strike; sadly just like you have to be careful on here❣️Luckily us people in your comments section don’t seem to be as watched, though I’m sure that we are❣️ Keep safe & keep up the good work / news that you post here❣️✌️🍀🙏💗♾🇺🇸

  9. The 'fact check' says tho it wasn't tested for transmission independant tests were done after release.. Anyone know more about all the timing etc.. We're independent tests done before vaxx passes?

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