Hannity Directly Attacks Biden’s Mental Health Hard

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  1. Your problem: you still insist Bernie should have been chosen. You think he could have won. He wouldn't. You need a new candidate not 80 year old professional career politicians.

    This applies somewhat less to you Jimmy:
    You shouldn't have joined the establishment in bashing trump. You should have joined the right wing populists and together you could have killed the establishment by now. But no, you preferred to start bashing trump.

  2. DNC wants Kamala Harris as president but can't rely on Dems voters so they sneak her in as to knowing Biden won't complete first term. This way, DNC doesn't have to deal with Bernie winning nomination.

    And DNC already knows Bernie supporters will fall in line and vote Dem. No. Matter. What…

  3. This is evil and I love it. Not more evil than Kamela properly calling joe out on his reeeeecism and smexual asphalt and then promptly accepting the role to work “under” him