Hard Landing Incoming: With Tarric Brooker

My latest Friday afternoon chat with journalist Tarric Brooker – @avidcommentator on Twitter. The slides are available at:

The latest edition of our finance and property news digest with a distinctively Australian flavour.

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  1. Western levels of consumption, the whole western system, or westernism, for lack of a better word, results in catastrophic population collapse. Everywhere it goes. It's doing the opposite of what you claim Tarric.

  2. Sound's like common sense but why did all government's around the world make all the stupid mistakes as when they are elected they have no life experience and those countries like sri lanka and phillipines family run government keeps all the money and the country suffer's.

  3. Thanks guys. Not going to lie. I like hearing what you say because I feel like I’m too conservative. Now I’m feeling I wasn’t conservative enough.

  4. Absolutely love these chats with Tarric.
    Just a quick point in regards to Tarric's comment about if an item/program/department/portfolio doesnt increase by 7% (or whatever the headline inflation rate is) then it is a cut in real terms. That isnt how the Budget works. The Paper look all high level but the granularity that goes into many of the numbers would surprise you. Happy to explain further and walk through the process. That said most people start nodding off pretty quickly.

  5. whats happening in nz will happen here, the big4 also operate in nz, if they and nz central bank cant solve inflation and interest rates over there, what makes the aussie rba and big4 again solve it here….

  6. Regarding how to fix the system, removing the power of govt/bankers to control the money supply might be sufficient on it's own.
    Just kidding – that is certainly not on the cards 😂

  7. I remember the total ranting that happened when the wa Premier wanted amount of wa resources (gas) to stay for the people . They going stop ✋ project bla bla Thanks 🙏 looks like little wait awhile got it right .

  8. The RBA and it’s leader are the worst Vandals Australia’s economy has ever had to endure. And he had the gall to say he was concerned about wage hikes blowing out. It’s as if he just reread J Powell’s speech (where Americans salaries are starting to rise but modestly) without bothering to check the facts. The facts are Australian salaries are rising at or below 2.5pc. It was only 2 months ago he was saying he needs to see wages increasing well above this level and he couldn’t work out why they weren’t. This is DEFLATIONARY not inflationary. I would say this to his face, in my opinion Lowe, you are a moron. I’m sick of trying to explain to people in finance and economics (who should know better but have succumbed to echo chamber group think) how the world of macro and money markets ACTUALLY work and they just aren’t smart enough to understand (or don’t want to acknowledge the facts). So I just make money on their predictability and stupidity. It’s just a shame it’s at the cost of the average citizen (regardless of country). We deserve better than this vapidity. The Emperor has no clothes.

  9. The Australian government wants to curb inflation by increasing interest rates, thereby cutting consumer spending. Cut out the middle man (the banks) and curb your spending yourself, and pay it off your mortgage. Same result, but the money stays in our pockets.

  10. It’s also worth remembering re inflation. Let’s say inflation (née CPI) drops back to 2pc (where we want it). That does not mean prices will be going back to where they were. It just means the prices will grow more slowly from the highs they are now. Let that little gem and what it means to your bottom line sink in for a second… it’s just interesting hearing people say, I won’t buy x item just now because it’s too expensive. I’ll wait until this madness is over. Sorry, that’s not how inflation works and shows there are now generations that do not know how to even react to (monetary) inflation.

  11. Always look forward to these interviews. Thanks for keeping us informed, and modelling what a conversation about economics should look like: history, data, politics, society, psychology etc etc, at the macro to micro scales. Good stuff.

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