Harvard Business School SHUTS DOWN Classes Despite 100% Vaccination Rate

Krystal and Saagar analyze the decision to close classes at Harvard Business School and what the incoming freshman class at Harvard can tell us about the future of America’s elite

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  1. They keep testing boundaries.

    Remember 9/11? Made us take off our shoes. Just to laugh at us. And we allllllll knew it was stupid yet we couldn't fight it.

    Same thing now, wear a mask forever and the idiots will do it knowing it's wrong. We're so powerless.

  2. Wow, what a garbage segment. A 100% vaccinated & masked population has to shut down because of out of control covid. And I have to listen to a 15min word salad talking about elites and political demographics. This show is going to shit

  3. The college application essays require the applicant to write their progressive views. The university specifically offers kids with liberal views. These two should look at that. It’s not just random.

  4. This is Harvard MFers. You think they gonna whine about a zoom class when they know they’re gonna make like 400k a year right after they graduate. You’re delusional if you think they’re gonna say no to Harvard Business school just because they shut down in person classes. It’s a business school, they’re not teaching how to swim online. All that Business school content can easily be thought online

  5. May be a chicken or an egg type of problem. But currently, I find it hard to even imagine people with high GPA and good academic achievements ever leaning republican. Republicans have forsaken science even if they should "liberals are anti-science" from the roof tops. Seeing that Harvard has >90% Biden supporters only shocks me in so far that it isn't closer to 99%.

  6. I really feel sorry for the innocent children who have to be wearing the damned mask at school. I am a grandmohter ( of an adopted child. Steven who is seven years old, my grandson Owen who is nine years old ) my poor grandchildren have to wear a mask from 8:45 am to 3:45 pm at school every day ( Chatter school in NW DC ).
    I work in a hospital and I hate to wear the mask for 12 hours shift. It is not easy. Vaccine mandates just wicked evil. Especially for those with religious belief who can not used / consumed nothing with cells / fetus of killed unborn innocent babies in abortion. The minions of satan will not win.

  7. Conservative framing of liberals is so outdated that it has reached the point of absurdity. Liberals are very pro-market, and very capitalist. The most competitive people in our country are liberals. Not to mention most CEOs. The only difference between conservatives and liberals in this country is racism and the environmentalism. Liberals are anti-racist and engaged with environmentalism. But liberals are as anti union as conservatives, pro-business as conservatives, support tax cuts, pro-privitization, pro-intervention, etc. Conservatives conflate socialism with liberalism because conservatives are morons. As someone who's a socialist, a liberal is just as bad as a conservative to me.

  8. Ive been to "elite school" my entire life. I guess the name did smth for me at applications, but other than that, I can't see a single positive impact the "elite" label had. I have the same education like everyone else.

  9. Okay I will get a Dartmouth, Brown, Harvard, Yal, and MIT degree… after all the debt I should be making 20 million dollars a month… college has always been a scam and what college you went to matters… LOL

  10. Come on people's biases play a role in who gets a job and who doesn't.. .like me my disability negates the pool of jobs I can get but it also plays a role in many companies biases not willing to hire me due to their factors of biases so they come up with BS reasons or lie as to why they don't hire me… or others with my disability. Being a person with faults shrink your growth within the US… unless you are wealthy, the correct race, or have a leg up somewhere that aid you in employment… Better to work for self but its a storm to make that work.

  11. Everyone has to get it, or at least the majority of us do. It’s great we have a vaccine that lowers your chances of severe symptoms. North Europe and south US are leading the way on how we need to deal with this.

    Unless you want to continue the mailing in of an unsecured vote, then keep doing what northern US and south Europe are doing.

  12. We must create an education system that specializes in fast tracking information effectively.
    Harvard, among many universities, is outdated by atleast one century.
    It's shameful, what they're doing to people seeking higher knowledge..
    I could learn more in one year than they can in one decade of university, because universities specialize in wasting people's time while completely brainwashing them into being human tools over enlightened thinkers.

    The dumbing down operation didn't just work, it worked too effectively.
    These people can't lie without looking like little oblivious kids with crumbs on their face, talking about "we didn't eat the cookies"..

  13. Oh the reputed and respect institutions that specialize in areas such as statistics, data collection and medical science, is closed after they shared data and facts regarding Covid, that goes against MSM narratives and their hyperbolic rhetoric?

    Weird timing.

    Thank god I'm a Coincidence theorists.

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