Has Covid Science Debate Been SHUT DOWN?!!

Over a hundred doctors and health professionals have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister calling for an “open and proper scientific debate” about the pandemic policy arguing covid restrictions are based on flawed assumptions.
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Video sources:,the%20height%20of%20the%20pandemic.

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I feel very outnumbered regarding the people around me who are open to talking about whether this has been the right way to handle the outbreak of this virus and I am really aware of a lack of conversation about other possible ways of doing things in the media. It's got me quite spooked actually and I am not a conspiratorial person. But I am worried about this noticeable gap in the public discourse. It's almost as if all the outlets have been briefed to stick to the exact same narrative. Does anyone know where one can go to actually talk openly about it? Are there any groups online of like-minded people that anyone here can connect me to? Because I feel quite isolated and like I'm going crazy even questioning things because of the overwhelming consensus that seems to be in place.

  2. The people who want control do not want open debate on this because if that happens the lies they've been telling will be exposed
    The fact that anyone who attempts to speak out against the mainstream narrative is being silenced tells thinking people that something is wrong
    The facts are available and there is no excuse for being misinformed in today's world
    The problem is the unwillingness of the public to take an unbiased look at all of the information rather than accepting one side of the story as gospel
    This is obvious by the number of views on important subjects compared with the number of views on stupid unintelligent subjects
    The public is becoming dumber by the day and because there are more of them they are making decisions on the lives of intelligent people

  3. I agree that open discussions need to take place. However, will people accept the info given if it does not fit their model? Have people already decided that Big Pharma, dr Fauci, WHO, CDC and government are all part of the conspiracy? I have been personally attacked on social media for explaining how the vaccine works. And I work in a pathology lab. We see what Covid does to people.

  4. Just talk to a real practicing immunologist, not political bureaucrats like Fauci, and you will learn Covid and the real science aren't what you've been told. Natural immunity is 10x better than the vaccine, and Covid deaths are 99.9999 percent people who have depressed immunity for various reasons. Look at statistics – lock down, open, mask mandates, nothing . . . you'll see rates are similar. Death rates are worse in the US then no action countries because US citizens are generally UNHEALTHY.

  5. Is there any evidence that the vaccines work? It seems like a foregone conclusion that they do. Since they were released the pandemic has only gotten worse, so why is the efficacy of the vaccine not there to talk about?

  6. so unhappy with what is happening, or actually not happening. We must have free debate and access to all information to be able to navigate this situation. Still waiting to hear any intelligent criticism of the un-vaccinated. So far, lots of bulling, name calling, lecturing, and attempted shaming by very non-scientific public figures (Cuomo / Lemon). Science is not a thing— it is a p-r-o-c-e-s-s.

    I think we all know people tend to dig-in when they are being forced to do something…so it makes me wonder about the use of these tactics if they really want to encourage mass vaccination. It's pretty clear they are building their case to subvert our basic human rights to make decisions about our own bodies. *disclaimer: I chose to fully vaccinate based my health, risk factors etc.

  7. My brother has been paralized from the vaccine for 7 months any counting. The CDC is lying about side effects. I've been fired for refusing to take it. I fired my doctor for abandoning his oath. I've never felt this much distrust in my fellow man in my entire life. This isn't science. It's willful ignorance and blindness in a body bag of politics.

  8. Thank you so much Russel. Similar situation in germany. An open discussion is just not happening. The "experts" (the opinion leaders you see everywhere, TV, newspaper,…) seem to be carefully selected, since they all say the same: "Get vaccinated. There is no alternative" (its on heavy rotation). Already early after the pandemic started, the first people who demonstrated on the streets where called "mainly rightwing" and considered dangerous elements. After that, people were afraid to express their opinion. Now unvaccinated people are verbally attacked as "terrorizing the whole country" (on TV) and a lockdown for unvaccinated people is seriously discussed. The constitutional court of germany (i used to have a high opinion of it) is not intervening even the slightest. I just hope the new gouvernent will be more open for discussing things publicly and less inclined to educating the people like children. But its only a tiny hope vanishing every day a bit more as new information is leaking from the talks of the 3 new goverment parties. The mood used to be better.

  9. What I have currently seen in our area Oct, Nov 2021, SO far 5 people of, who have immune system deficiencies due to medical issues, other health issues, and no medical issues people have taken the covid-19 shots, boosters, etc., and within 3 to 4 days have ended up with covid-19 by taking the shots and spreading it in Oct, Nov 2021 within their 2 and 3rd shot. Masks do the same as above to not stop it and provide no protection or prevention to stop the spread or from catching it or slow it down. All people above had severe actions of the covid-19 when they caught it, and one ended up having to get an infusion. What does this say about the shots, boosters, etc. Does not matter about which brand of shot, they caught covid-19 from the shots.

  10. 'Finally acknowledges reality'

    A meta-analysis of global research dating back two years, published in the The Lancet earlier this month, found natural immunity from COVID recovery provides more than 10 months of "strong" protection against reinfection.

    The UCLA and University of Southern California researchers said it could be longer, given that their review was "limited by the length of current reported follow-up data." Robust protection afforded by vaccine-induced immunity is estimated to last around 6 months, the threshold at which the CDC and FDA are expected to recommend boosters for all age groups.

    Stanford Medical School's Jay Bhattacharya, coauthor of the Great Barrington Declaration, emphasized The Lancet previously published a competing statement that claimed there is "no evidence for lasting protection" from natural immunity.

    The medical journal "finally acknowledges reality," he tweeted, asking if CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would follow suit.

  11. I agree with this video. Govt doesn't want to tell you that you can improve your chances against covid by staying fit and healthy because that would undermine their drive to get every single person vaccinated and also because covid can impact or kill people who are fit and healthy (though statistically you're going to be really unlucky if that happens). Imagine we put the same focus and resources on improving general health, physical activity and diet, as we do covid. By eroding the link between health, risk and the reality and the vaccine they can subsequently defeat resistance against vaccinating children too.

  12. The sooner we realize that those in charge and those pulling their strings are sociopathic criminals, the better. The system exists only to aid them. Never in history of mankind was this more obvious. If the institutions we have to protect us and our rights would work, then they would work from the ground up all the way to the top, but it is now obvious they only work up to the 1. floor, anything above is handled by another set of rules and laws. After all, If they can force us to have vaccines every year, than they will find a way to have your house, your organs, your wife and your children. Trying to force us into another set of rules that again only benefits the elites, but forces us to play with our health and the health of our children is organized crime and should be punishable by death, or better by keelhauling…

  13. Well done Russell, I am in Queensland Australia and in 2 weeks time I will be virtually locked out of society. The government has decreed that the unvaccinated will no longer be allowed to drink coffee in a Cafe, visit the library, go to a theatre and many others, but I can attend a brothel. Nowhere have I found talk about alternatives like homeopathy. In Australia it is not recognised but I have been using it for nearly 40 years, why, because it works, my life was saved when I was struck down with cancer by using a very strict homoeopathic treatment. I have been protected from the covid by taking the homoeopathic remedies for some time now even before vaccines arrived. This, as you say is my choice, can you investigate, apart from political and economic reasons why pfizer and others have a monopoly on this. I fully agree with you, my body my choice. If people want to be vaccinated go for it, but I want to use an alternative safer method thanks. Keep it up mate. Bruce ward

  14. i've been saying for a year and a half that all this is to cover up what a miserable failure the trade war with china has been and i still haven't seen anything to convince me otherwise. bad meeting with xi jinping and then a week later we have a new variant? yeah, ok.

  15. No. Of course not. It's just the government don't know their arse from their tits and they don't care about anything except for self-aggrandisement and lining their pockets.

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