Hasan Doesn’t Know What Capitalism Is


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  1. The old psychology of envy. Say I'm rich, I employ 100s, if not 1000s of people. I pay all sorts of taxes relating to my business operations, employee benefits etc. You not think I deserve a tax break? You see poor people employing other people, generating wealth? Also who pays for socialist projects etc??? That's right, tax payers, people engaging in capitalism. Without which it would all collapse. Let's not let reality get in the way of an I'll informed hysterical view point ay.

  2. Hasan may be a complete hypocrite that only exists as a public figure because of nepotism, but at least he's a really smart, intelligent, well-spoken individual.
    (see Poe's Law)

  3. Aba & Preach have just made an excellent video about Piker, showing up his attitude & arrogance during a livestream. He made out he understood racism & the problems black ppl face in the US, better than the black guy he was talking to.

  4. Hassan doesn't even understand Communism, along with every other jobless simp that has outright refused to look at literally every implementation of communism in history since its inception .

  5. The main problem with communism and socialism is people don't practise it or even understand it. In the UK people complain about trains being privatised even though many routes are run at a loss, the government pays to keep them going and to keep prices down, if the government owned it it'd cost more and be a worse service. Government run companies are the worse things in this country but they want the government to have everything, sounds like hell to me

  6. What you post online may also effect what reaches your mobile device. I have had the same number for 20 years, and I dont think anyone had it before me. People make a mistake to say oh, this was so and so's number. FYI. (Everything I post is a bit of an experiment.)

  7. I used to think government was moderately competent. I now cannot comprehend how anyone can imagine that. I now cannot believe the government could successfully wipe it's own arse.

  8. First off, we need at least some regulations so we aren't doing like we used to with child labor and giving cocaine to babies. Second, Monopolies can totally form under capitalism. Regulations are just ONE way that competition can be limited. If I seize control of a resource or a location I am a monopoly over that location or resource. If I, for Example, decided I would buy all rental property in Scotland and had the money to do so I now have a monopoly over Scotland rental property. If I merge all oil companies in the US into one, that's an oil monopoly, and mergers like that are common.

  9. Nick Fuentes gets banned from the financial system: “he’s a grifter”

    Jordan Peterson writes a book to help young men: “he’s a grifter”

    Count gets arrested and charged unfairly: “he’s a grifter”

    Socialists monetize every part of their lives…

  10. Hasan is a top shelf goon swept up in a sea of BS and actually gets paid loads for it, It reminds me of the BLM leaders who are all millionaires preaching to the poor! scumbag 100%

  11. Celebs like hasan should read books like 'an inspector calls' because its the only thing that will snap them back to reality.u r not some grand political activist ,ur not MLK, u are just another celeb who looks among the poor and feels it necessary to shame yourself👎🏽

  12. Anyone who supports communism in 2022 despite the absolute WEALTH of information on how it led to the starvation and death of 100,000,000 people should immediately have any opinions on commerce and economics ignored. In fact their opinion on everything should be ignored.

  13. It can’t be imported because of transit time and storage conditions being unknown country to country (temp humidity etc).
    Baby formula has the biggest microscope from the fda, because it’s for babies. If we had hundreds of companies out there… man. You’d have a lot more mess ups with the formula itself.

  14. I agree with most of what you said, but complete deregulation of the industry can lead to safety concerns. There's a fine line. But I agree the barrier for entry is too high.

  15. The issue I have with libertarian point of views, and more specifically Danks views, is that retarded communists existing is not an arguement for basically no regulation.

    With the greatest of respect Markus, arguing that people should be free to run the risk of making their baby ill, or possibly dying from poor quality baby formula is ridiculous. Choosing another product really doesn't matter, if an unregulated product kills your child.

    Like Jesus Christ man, you're a dad and you're honestly saying you'd rather scum-bag selfish corporations to have no regulation, and then also assume that there will always be multiple competitors.

    You know full well there are lots of industries that do not have multiple options, you're being very reductionist when it's more complicated than that

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