Hatred For Trump Has Driven Democrats INSANE, Now Unhinged Leftists SUPPORT War And Rioting

Hatred For Trump Has Driven Democrats INSANE, Now Unhinged Leftists SUPPORT War And Rioting. Of course Democrats have long supported war but at least they used to lie about it.

Now because everything Trump does is bad and they must oppose it Democrats are opposed to peace, support war, and even support rioting. Biden and Kamala have directly supported the rioters in the past.

Trump now has three historic peace deals, is withdrawing from the middle east, and has actively shuttered much of the rioting.

Democrats and the leftists of course are mad about all of it.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Its showing up in the polls … remember …he's not doubling down on anything. He's moving with the perceived flow …. left-middle-left-middle and so on.

  2. Democrats now have an additional strategy to win in 2020 beyond their "Orange man BAD!" : Election fraud! Steal the election…
    Birds chirp! Dogs bark! Cats meow! Democrats CHEAT! it is what they DO!

  3. I really do wish Trump would just randomly tweet out either water is great for you or we need more oxygen. Just to see the left go batshit crazy and find a way to disagree with him and twitter "fact" checking it.

  4. So here is my conundrum.
    I agree that we must stand up and defend our rights, I hope we can do that without it getting violent; but if it does then we will respond appropriately. WITH THAT SAID.

    The news portrayed the Michigan protest of the lock downs as scary and "almost violent" even though everyone was armed and no one got hurt. But then try to claim these obviously violent riots are not really violent and even go as far to call them "violent protests" which is PC terms is riots.
    So what we have is these news people who support these ideologies down playing their terror and trying to up play the "terror" of freedom loving Americans actually having a peaceful protest with everyone armed to the teeth!
    So to counter that, we be peaceful; so these protests where everyone is armed to the teeth and no violence takes place and no one gets hurt destroys their entire claim.
    But if we must get violent in self defense, like Kyle R.; they will try to paint us as some sort of terrorists, when the actual terrorists are the ones we are violently defending ourselves from.

    So how do we win in that sense? We are damned if we do and damned if we don't; so how do we come out on the side of liberty and freedom defending our rights if we are screwed either way?

  5. I’m telling you, Trump could cure cancer tomorrow (not the same way Obama “killed” Bin Laden, but with his OWN HANDS) and the liberals/leftists/neolibs would still find fault with that. Not only that, but they would hail the cancer treatment industry for all the jobs it has created or some bs, completely ignoring the point because Trump did a thing.

  6. If I had my memory strategy wiped. Then asked to vote for President. Who would I vote for? They guy whose supporters clean up trash in low-income communities. To make their canidate look good. Or? The guy whose supporters burn down low-income communities to make the other guy look bad.
    I'd vote for the former.

  7. Anytime someone quotes “The Dark Knight” I get happy! Another quote that joker says that is relevant is “Nobody panic when it’s all according to plan”. They want to normalize things like Rioting, bad politics, pedophilia, and cop killing so nothing is shocking!!!!!

  8. You can at least have a little grudging respect for leftists/liberals who hate Trump for his policies and are willing to do anything to get him out of office because they truly believe (with their warped viewpoint) that Trump is bad for the country. What I have absolutely zero respect for are so-called "Never Trumpers" – people who claim to be on the libertarian/conservative end of the political spectrum who would support radical leftists totally antithetical to what they believe is right or good simply because they don't like that Trump "calls people names" or "posts mean tweets" or is too brash and doesn't uphold the decorum of the office. These are the idiotic, most self-serving virtue signalers who put their own egos or pocketbooks ahead of the country. I'm talking people like Romney, McCain, Drudge, Kasich, etc. I just don't understand the mindset that you are willing to let the entire country crash and burn because Orange Man made a mean tweet. You really have to respect someone like Ted Cruz – who was savaged by Trump in 2016 primaries and had more reason than most to go Never Trump – who instead put aside his ego for the good of the country.

    The Never Trump mindset is what got the conservatives/Republicans into this mess over the past half century where we're now on the brink of full-bore socialism. Democrats (bless their little hearts) support their candidates for incremental gains in policies that move the country to the left slowly. Someone who agrees with them 51% of the time thus becomes the "smartest and most moral man alive" while the guy who agrees with them 50% of the time is suddenly an "evil moron". With too many conservatives, it's, "Wait, he only agrees with my positions 90% of the time? Harrumph, he probably doesn't even go to church every Sunday. I'm voting for the opposition who agrees with me on 10% of issues. That'll show him!" Ideological purity standards or having to pass meaningless personal morality tests to gain their votes have been killing Republicans for decades. How naive do you have to be to believe that any politician running for president is a saint? Democrats at least get that.

  9. The Dems have painted themselves into an ideological corner by chasing the Twitter vote. They've radicalized their fringe base and whipped them into a murderous frenzy, hemorrhaging moderates all the way. They have lost all credibility and are now, I feel, complicit and accessory to the riots, arson, and murders convulsing our nation. I won;t ever vote Left again until they stage a massive internal restructuring along with prison for the worst of them.
    We may very well be looking at the dawn of a Republican CENTURY.

  10. Tim,
    Here is the latest from Portland.

    The city is providing housing for antifa troops!

    KGW news had the nerve to refute this by editing the video leaving out the damning parts including slingshot guy and Trumpet man. A lot of people are pretty upset about news based on talking to a person from the city rather than investigating to uncover the facts.

  11. The dems do in fact have a plan, it's just one they aren't making public. And it's not a plan for the better of America, or the betterment of the world.

    If they win I think we will see communism on a massive scale, we will see war, we will see death… And while everything is falling apart they will continue to blame it all on Trump.

  12. The whole premise of John Wick was destruction of something irreplaceable… the dog he was gifted by his dead wife… Some things are not replaceable. The left would not be saying this if their house was burned to the ground…

  13. I am so sick of people always mentioning President Trump's character as if they are the perfect little angels. Yes Trump is not the normal presidential demeanor type POTUS. He is the peoples President and that is why we love him with all his flaws. Just like God loves us despite our sinful behavior. The people literally chants, "We Love YOU". I KNOW NOT ONE US PRESIDENT WHERE THE PEOPLE HAVE DONE THIS. When you take care of the people you will have their loyalty, love, and respect. So stop with the disclaimers. I'm voting for Trump but his behavior in the past. WHAT? Just Imagine if God kept throwing in your face things you've done in the past that you are not proud of, but you have grown since then and have changed. In the words of Joe Biden, " Come on Man". STOP IT.

  14. That's just it….I am soooooooo tired of "it's all Trump's fault" "Trump is horrible" "Orangeman bad" Like I don't even listen to my "blue" friends anymore. I get you you don't like him. Ok cool…free to feel that way but for godssake you realize constantly just spewing how much you hate Trump and that's ALL you say–you are NOT swaying me to YOUR side. Just SHUT THE HELL UP! Give it a rest.

  15. I absolutely & totally agree with you 1000 % ! We can in NO WAY give over this country to a bunch of criminals who would absolutely do nothing but destroy our country & take away our freedoms that so many have fought and die for!

  16. Give the peace prize to a man in his first few months of office for what they hope he will do, and he starts like five wars and kills thousands of brown kids in drone strikes. A different man who is not loved by the Cathedral actually brokers peace deals and is nominated multiple times for his efforts, and now we need to end the peace prize. We live in the upside down. War is peace.

  17. I hope just half of the faith you put in Trump comes true. He may have done good on the economy he inherited from Obama, but at what cost? If he can broker a peace deal in the middle east, why can't he unite America. If he does win a second term, I really hope he does right by America.

  18. John 6: 47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life.

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  20. Current day Democrat elites are essentially enjoying a second childhood – they hate what Trump's doing so much that the toys are being thrown out of the pram all over the place and they're so self righteous that they're not even embarrassed at their tantrums!