“Havana Syndrome” Is Complete Bullsh*t Admits CIA Director

For six years the words “Havana Syndrome” have been stirring fear in the hearts of American diplomats across the globe, but now CIA Director William Burns has come out and admitted, in an admittedly halting, wishy-washy manner, that there’s no such thing as Havana Syndrome and whatever these folks are suffering from, it ain’t “sonic attacks” from a malicious foreign power.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether anyone with a shred of skepticism should have seen through this phantom ailment from the beginning.

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  1. CIA cares about US vets health issues like they cared about the

    21 years of "babysitting" Afghanistan's poppy fields to supply

    the US military's 2nd top priority (next to global war-mongering)

    being the weaponry bazaar to nondenominational SIKFUKS with

    OPIUM for GUNS bazaars throughout the world. Not to mention

    the BURN PITS vets endured while under the delusion their own

    country's gov was basically as good as its People, all while fighting

    their WAR (OF PROFITTEERING) in Ukraine, with biden and

    his spawn making millions by aiding neonazis chemical warfare

    labs along the Ukranian border with Russia, while rattling

    sabers with Putin. The CIA has many technologies at their beck

    and call to assassinate leaving no evidence behind, all while in the

    act of DENYING any culpability. LANGLEY SHOULD BE


  2. There's a cover-up here alright….. it's been going on for decades but especially now *they're trying to hide the existence and use of these weapons*, which are silent, invisible, and Incredibly powerful.

  3. When this story kept repeating itself in mainstream media I always had the great feeling that it was a hoax. Surprisingly enough they kept repeating the LIE even after it was debunked and yes they did pass a bill giving compensation to people that were supposedly affected by this syndrome. When it comes to mainstream media throughout the Western World I only believe 10% of it and only 5% of it after something's been debunked.

  4. You Jimmy D as my older brother has said to myself many Times over the last few years that you are a more than reasonable facsimile to our Father in Looks, you have to understand that my father was well more read than most Lawyers (liars) ever were in the sense of helping setup the initial Union of Steel Workers in the County of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. "Canada" Insignificant.? in the late'50 's early '60's. My Father quit school after age 12 to become a scared kid or face life head on in 1940, i do not envy what he endured but i do admire how he managed to survive and impregnate My Mother Mary Helen to introduce 4 young people into this World of uncertainty even in the late '50,s early '60,s I am second of the four born and we all are still here alive and well for however long we maybe.!!!

  5. It wasn't just a host they were attacked by Nature crickets during their mating season let off an annoying sound that causes nausea migraines and other illnesses associated no s*** Sherlock

  6. its funny when u say 9/11 was a conspiracy, because it is not possible for towers to come down like this without a controlled demolition and wtc7 just collapsed without a plane hitting it, and they say – this is just a conspiracy theory. but they take havanna syndrom serious – russia has old tanks – but modern sonic weapons – but they dont use them in ukraine…

  7. It was SADS.
    Another example of the State Department making up claims, to blame it on Russia, so it is has a Big Bad Bear to blame everything on.
    Think about this…
    What if most of the sick people were playing a part, and their payoff was guaranteed in the end.
    Signature Reduction Operations.
    Look it up Mr. Dore!

  8. So now the CIA is involved in medical research? Is there anything these guys can’t screw up? It’s time to save billions of taxpayer dollars and dissolve these archaic institutions that do much more harm than good. NSA, FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY… close them all down, and REALLY make America great, for possibly the first time in its existence.

  9. 4:48 Who are these “prestigious” scientists? Do any of them have names? If they are prestigious, they certainly must have been in the news at some point, although this is the first time I have heard this particular adjective used to describe scientists. 😉

  10. Anyone out there old enough to remember the U.S. “intelligence” reports on the Russians having built a “weather machine”? They (CIA) are certainly nothing, if not creative. Uggghhh.

  11. So the CIA either figured out who was doing it and “convinced” them to join our side so we can use the weapon, or the CIA was behind it the whole time testing one of their new toys on our people

  12. The reason they're giving those people money Jimmy is because it was them they were doing it to their own people What they're experiencing is real it was just done by our own government

  13. What's funny is if Havana Syndrome is made up, and then the CIA actually threatened Russia about it, doesn't that just give Russia ideas of what would actually work at bothering US agents? I mean if doing nothing can make CIA agents feel icky, so much so they need financial compensation, then imagine the chaos and devastation they can cause if Russia actually does something.

  14. Sooo- I followed these stories very closely over the years and directed energy weapons ARE a thing and this sounds to me like it actually did happen but is yet another false flag attack, this time to use against Putin by the military industrial complex.

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