Have We Been Told The Truth?

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Here is my conversation with Max Blumenthal on Ukraine regaining control of Kherson, the use of propaganda & the control of the media. #war #ukraine #russia

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. From the knowledge available to me. There were no good guys when the conflict started. Ukraine was never on par to even be considered a member of NATO. Apparently they've been fighting since 2014 or earlier for most of the land control by the Russians at this time. If the contested regions were not in Ukrainian control at the beginning of the conflict, I think that's a great place to draw a line in the sand. Ukraine needs to go to the peace table.

  2. Look to CHYNA in Ukraine all roads lead to origins of covid remember President Trump kept on repeating China China in his rallies he was saying CHYNA = Azov battalion /Nazis zelensky is bribing the west thanks to Biden interest in Ukraine Ukraine have all the evidence on the global human trafficking secrets all linked to Epstein/Adrenochrome harvesting of human beings thank Q WWG1WGA

  3. Another fact that needs to be exposed is the FACT that Ukraine is NOT winning this war, and NEVER was winning this war. The TRUTH is the UKRAINIAN’S have already LOST the war. They regained small portions of insignificant land because the Russians retreated during the counteroffensives to protect their men and equipment while destroying tens of thousands of soldiers and the majority of their tanks and armored vehicles. Russian’s have killed 6-9 Ukrainian soldiers for every 1 Russian throughout this entire conflict. This battlefield is just like WW1 when the British sent waves of men across no man’s land to be mowed down by machine guns and artillery and that’s the exact same tactic and results of the Ukrainians. Russia has corrected all their problems from the beginning of the conflict and now have a military that could level a lot more than Ukraine whenever they chose and they should be respected.

  4. History repeats itself, because with the Ukrainians torturing and killing Russians who are trapped and Russia going in to save those Russians, sounds like Bromberg Bloody Sunday, where tens of thousands of Germans who were trapped in Poland after WW1, were being brutally slaughtered many months before Sept 1, 1939. And guess who was killing those innocent Germans? The same who most likely killing the innocent Russians. Who is zelensky? Who!

  5. Stay free with you Russell?? While you re-distribute all the hard earned wealth to lazy people because they need it more and the wealth producing people can starve? Is that it?

  6. When MSM fails to deliver an opposite side that's when I KNOW for sure the truth is being buried…why? Because no one fears easy to be debunked conspiacies. Years ago MSM were happy to present non-govt approved, they fear reprisal..democracy was killed by MSM.

  7. Here is what would happen if WW3 is called by Nato : Very quickly diesel will run out. There will be no food in shops. People will starve. Animals and pets will have no food. People will be eating their dogs and cats to survive. In short whatever happened in WW2 will be much more severe. Nato IS the problem.

  8. It's interesting how ready people are to accept this gentleman's opinion as fact without question or credible sources. It's almost as if they want and need it to be true.

  9. Thanks for asking questions about what is being hidden from the public. Political complexities are something that the American Public has never understood. Willful naiveté.

  10. I know a big youtuber ( Johnny FD) is already back there and they are making music videos like nothing is happening , then i have a mutal fb friend ( from Ukrain) who dissapeared he had the same hobby has me, he was showing videos prior to the start Roman Tor. He has shown clips on his youtube videos in the past sorry on facebook of bullit holes in his daughters school, showed how he had covid and who he was in the hospital with, once years ago he said they were hiding in the cellar where they could hear bombs going off then his Mum died,

  11. See the thing about america is they have no war on their soil. If they did, they would think differently. Its easy to shit on other continents when you don’t have to deal with consequences. As an european and fkn sick of US and Russia playing games and dragging us all down

  12. God keeps president Trump out of the WH to save him from all active money laundering schemes which are in progress fuelling corruption from which he will become tainted by the stink emanating from it. And from (the temptation) of arming Ukraine which will be fatal to his Christian religion. That would curse not only himself but his good family. Mr Trump must resolve to disassociate from Ukraine to bid 2024.

  13. Well done Russell and Max for discussing the facts and reality!
    Our governments learned how to deceive us, silence our questions, and manipulate our sense of events for us during covid.
    Then this was something they took to a whole new and more sinister and dangerous level with this contrived, thoroughly misrepresented war…that they have personally fomented for a decade.
    The scale of lies and falsifying of evidences with blatantly corrupt propaganda (in proportion to the scale of wealth being created for contractors, senators and billionaires) is now staggering – and people and agencies who have gone this far outside of moral and ethical boundaries, have no way back but must now go forward towards a useful war that can bury many of their and bankers former crimes, and generate enormous wealth and power in the process.

  14. Considering that we have the likes of Tony Blair in our government in UK, we are most certainly not the 'goodies'. What kind of sick twisted system would get that monster knighted? How do qualified Dr's advise taking a rona jab?

  15. OMG! If before this video I was in doubt that you are supporting Russia, now I know for sure. Wow! I’m hearing this nonsense for eight years and now it’s in English, not Russian ( which by the way my native language). Shame on you, Russell! Unfortunately you are fooling 6 million of your subscribers

  16. Why can't people just accept that after ww2 the Nazis fled to the usa ,( op mockingbird ect ) . And have infiltrated politics , there not known as the nazis any more , there called the cabal. They took Ukraine in 2014 maybe earlier..they been smuggling money /gold there for many years . Plus bio weapons ect..stuff normal ppl would say..WHAT THE FUCK too..ppl will see or be shown many ppl would still let the world give Ukraine billions …think. Billions if they were seen to be nazis ?? Would money still flow there.. ? I would hope not. ? All this time on this here earth and still no further than in roman times…cake and games blind the enjoy the games .ie world cup..superbowl ect. Hope yr gladiators

  17. Go back in history. How and why did a Russian queen send Russians into the Ukraine and later demand education on Russians in their native tongue. Can you say passive invasion? Besides so many Russians descendants consider themselves Ukrainian and stayed to fight rather than leave cross the border to safety.

  18. it is pathetic how much of the world goes along with what they are fed, look at covid, the wars etc, whilst those in charge get fat and wealthy and the poor suffer. I hope and pray for peace but at the end of the day i just hope that those doing the bad stuff pay for it in some way either in this life or the next! Not sure what happens to the ignorant!

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