“He Definitely Lied to Us And He Should Be Held Responsible” Dr. Paul Addresses New G.O.F. Emails

Written by SenatorRandPaul


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  1. The NIH funded Wigan and the government funded nih. You know this puts me in mind of Mike hiring outside contractors to make cheap shoes in child labour shops. When they get caught bike can say "I didnt have anything to do with it bro" and keep operating. Sure Fauci is a shit bag but nih is ultimately the responsibility of government, and government will not be held responsible

  2. Have you looked at the stock prices of the companies providing the vaxx? Are all these people pushing the jab benefitting financially? One has gone from $14 per share to over $400.

  3. Funds the virus that kills million's, and lies to Congress… I'll bet Brandon gave him a bonus, what's it up to now? $4,000+ per covid toe tag…trust the science? No thanks.

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