He looks happy

Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. I am so glad we have the world leading 'health experts' in Victoria that know how the virus spreads
    It spreads in pubs but not brothels
    It spreads when you stand up not when you sit down
    It spreads without a mask talking but not without a mask eating
    Geez, these 'experts' are so clever as I would never of figured out that type of virus spreading behaviour

  2. Anyone want to hire an able and willing worker?
    Am looking at bankruptcy because I don't want to take the genojab.
    Will happily abuse dan andrews through out the day at your convenience.

  3. Key daniel hitler words "MY GOVERNMENT " think he forgets he is lected to lead not to rule victoria surely he is done bite the pill 💊 daniel hitler its time to go before someone else potentially makes you dissapear

  4. You are doing this on your own. How dare you say you are doing this for me. I support this provided they follow rules like we have all done in the past. There are lots of people coming to Australia and in isolation for two weeks, that is happing now. You have gutted Victoria and now that things are starting to look better you are starting again. Stop thinking of yourself and start thinking of the people of Victoria. Based on passed experiences that last comment I made was pretty dump, you only and always will only think of yourself.