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  1. You just read my mind cuz I'm in LA with a bad mouth Trump and I'm defending my president my family don't even like me because of trump that's okay cuz I'm going to the kingdom Donald Trump was chosen by God apparently they don't have God in their life but I talk to you about the Holy Spirit every time they see me they don't want to see me and I'm praising God hallelujah amen YESHUA GOD 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. It doesn’t matter how people vote. It matters how the votes are counted. I’m still going to vote, but my confidence in secure elections is pretty low.

  3. Lowest approval ratings for any president in history yet he got the most votes in history! Can't have it both ways, one of them is a lie! We all know which one is the lie! 🇺🇸🤔

  4. CNN had a count they reported as a REAL count of 75,000 lies DJT told while in office.
    They haven’t counted one from Joe. At least they are consistent in the fact that they are WRONG on both counts.

  5. What bothers me are the democrats saying republucans voted for this dumbass and to deal with it and also how they tell people to leave this old goon alone all while they still love to say Trump like those damn birder from Nemo.

  6. Biden got to be president only because the media made the electorate afraid of Trump by convincing them that he wanted to be a dictator. Women didn't like him because he was painted as a womanizer and a cad who didn't respect women. If Trump had kept his Twitter mouth shut and ignored the lies, then the story might have been different. For some reason the voters feared Trump because he was a mover and a shaker and he was upsetting the status quo in D.C. Like some people say "Lie to me". The average American just doesn't want to involve himself in making informed choices. That would be too much like work, now wouldn't it?

  7. We definitely need one of these reporters or so-called journalists maybe Doocy can ask Joe Biden " WHAT WAS THE MOST RECENT BILL YOU SIGNED AND WHAT WAS THE BILL ABOUT " I'm sure he would immediately respond with the correct answer to that. 🚫 NOT!!!
    I would bet very good money that he has no idea what he's signing and couldn't remember in the afternoon what he just signed in the morning and could care less

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