He Tried To Tell You

As more is revealed about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and its alleged surveillance of Donald Trump, we ask, is it any wonder that trust in government and corporate media is at a near all-time low?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. What's so disgusting about this is the amount of air time wasted expounding these lies over and over again. Because so many people were brainwashed into believing these lies, the Democrats were able to take the majority in the House of Representatives in 2018. The very first thing they said after taking the majority was, "We're going to impeach Trump!" And, of course, that's exactly what they did on more made up charges. So the American people had to go through this, too. Donald Trump is the only president in history who was actually impeached twice.

  2. Russell – can you do an update on Julian Assange – he is still in jail , He has committed no offense in UK but remains incarceration – Another one of Hillary's target – BTW Hillary probably has you now on her bucket list of "Clintoncides " to do – Clintoncides would be a good story you could portray comically

  3. Everyone with half a brain is now Right Wing.
    That’s all these numbskulls can say. Sad really.
    They haven’t the ability to discuss or debate people with differing views.
    I’m Not Right Wing I’m a Right Thinker.
    I try to listen to all sides but it’s really difficult when one side is just an echo.

  4. I love the truth is coming out, you’re one of the only people speaking the truth in he light to help humanity evolve without false superimposed divisive intersectionality. Plus you’re bloody hilarious, thank you!

  5. so can you identify as both simultaneously? How much time must past before I can reidentify to something else or can it be like a quantum state I can me three at the same time until you look in the box. But if you close the box and open it to look again … can I come back to life? There's a cat metaphor in there somewhere.

  6. This is somethin I just wanted to mention after what you said during the first 2 minutes.
    I think the same thing. The current system in both the UK and US aren't working and I feel like the systems aren't right.
    But whenever I approach this topic, people then say "Well what would you want?" And truthfully. I don't know. And… That's where I sit with politics? I know there's a huge issue we have on how the government is clearly so corrupt but because of all the political divide the people who are so engrossed in it all feel like there's no other option.
    But… What can we do about it? What do we need? Do we need a new system entirely? But is it even possible with how set in stone our systems are right now. We can't just simply take them down and rebuild them. Not only that but what system should replace the current?? This is where I genuinely realise that politics doesn't matter. Because if we do need a new system, the people who are running the current system, will not want to sacrifice their jobs or risk losing what they have now. Which is understandable entirely.

    But it just shows how pointless politics is in the grand scheme. Nothing really works and once you kinda grasp that concept, that politics won't ever satisfy both sides, you can kind of… accept what you have currently? It's not a form of ignorance I don't think. I watch many political youtubers like Russell Brand, Lotus Eaters, they show me politics, but I don't take it by heart, I just find it entertaining to hear how the conflict is. It's like watching one of those american shows where there's always just drama between girls/boys and you're just watching the events unfold. P much that with me and politics, and I hope it's the same for many others who read this because if it isn't, then I hope you're not too engrossed into politics.

    I would say you'd probably need to disconnect from politics/literally stop using the internet the moment you feel afraid to go outside due to other people. there's so many people I know who think that trumpers/right wingers will run them over when they walk outside because they're left-wingers. And right-wingers thinking they'll be cancelled for having an opinion against them. In the end, just…stop and think about it? We've had a society for so long but the way we can express ourselves online has completely changed the way we view each other as people. And if you disconnect from the internet and just simply not care about politics, your life will be much more simpler and much less conflict will be going on.

    thanks for listening to my ted talk I'm too tired to write haha, but my god it's getting worse every week I swear

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