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  1. I love how they developed this policy all the while knowing what so few people are willing to admit they see every single evening and that is a far left media agenda at the very least a leftist protection racket formed by the media on the mainstream circuit. My limiting the reach of Independent News and sources such as the Donald Trump and at POTUS account they've limited the reach of the other side of the story therefore controlling one side of the narrative everything they did was intentional to make sure that the only information as people we got was that they wanted us to receive

  2. If is proven that the FBI was involved in banning Trump, then those responsible should be charged with treason. To actively work against a sitting President is an act of treason against the nation.

  3. and yet, despite all of this being revealed, nothing is going to change. The media, big tech, democrat party, and deep state, continue to work together to suppress and distort the truth, and so many people in the country don't even know what happened, despite the twitter files. If only the majority of the Republican party leadership actually cared about the country and had actually worked to get candidates elected instead of playing right into Democrat hands. If Republicans had complete control of Congress, they could have actually made some headway against the forces that help Democrats win so many elections.

  4. It's either orange jumpsuits and Gitmo or military tribunals. This country can't take much more of this incestuous, fascist collusion between Big Tech, Big Gov and NGO's..

  5. Hey, idk why you’re wasting your breathe. I mean I do, but, unfortunately, not matter what you say, or how we vote. The demz are going to rule this country with an iron fist and rigging the elections will only get worse and they’ll eventually end up with all of the power and we, the american ppl won’t give a single rats ass when it happens. Insanity.

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