He Turned Into A Stuttering MESS When Confronted On This Issue..


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  1. we thought Obama had become the worst President of all time. He did, knocking Carter down to the #2 spot. Biden exceeded them both and now obama is 2 and carter is 3

  2. Expecting any politician to have well thought out coherent argument is a foolish expectation on your part. If you have an IQ below 75 & the military wont take you, you could still qualify to be a member of Congress.
    If your IQ is below 60, you would be a sure fire bet to become president.

  3. When I see Nadler walk I think of Humpty Dumpty, and patiently wait for him to fall. I really just want to see the king's horses and men put him back together.

  4. IF we are going to change the age for buying guns (rifles only) to 21 from 18, We the People need to change TERM LIMITS for Congress, Senators, and Presidents, perfect example here is lets look at BIDEN-PELOSI, NADLER, WATERS, – LOOK AT THEIR BRAINS, those are all washed up and have no function at all!

  5. We will save your children from gun crimes by sending them overseas with a gun to commit our crimes at your expense! Got a problem with that? What are you a Russian? It is the responsibility of every individual to outwit these Tyrants with their hands in your pockets and their laws that control your entire existence, Land of the free?

  6. Oh they need people all right. Because no one in their right mind would sign up for any kind of service for this administration. I sure as hell wouldn’t

  7. Get your guns ASAP, and a ton of ammunition for them, and then bury them properly in a place only you know. When they finally force you to give your guns up, just surrender the ones you currently carry and say you have no idea where the rest of them are. If they ever manage to repeal your 2nd Amendment, those buried guns will do a whole lot of good. Just remember to send the turncoats armed with kitchen knives to the frontlines as cannon fodder first.

  8. Nadler literally looked like he was dying in his chair not too long ago and here we as a country are, pretending that it’s totally fine some of the highest chairs are occupied with near literal dead people.

  9. The 9mm lung blowout cracks me up, and has become the moron argument by people that do not understand a single thing about terminal ballistics. Clint Smith has summarized the idea perfectly when he said his piece about what pistols, rifles, and shotguns do to your opponent.

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