‘He Wants To Deny The Reality Of What He Said, What He Did!’: Ron Johnson Rips Fauci On Senate Floor

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) assails Dr. Anthony Fauci’s record on the Senate floor.

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  1. I would like to see more of these senate floor speeches about Covid, the Covid vaccine and other medical dilemmas that confront America today. America's politicians have enormous media presence and what they have to say, the information, issues, the facts they have found and the research they have discovered needs to be presented Whether their conjectures or opinions are right or wrong, each and every stone should be unearthed and examined and evaluated with an open mind. As can be seen on social media, Americans have contributed their research on social media sites. Only to find out, that for posting facts, data and research papers about Covid and possible other avenues of research, they have been banned. It is widely reported that people from all walks of life have been left out of the effort to solve the Covid problem. Nutritionists and medical nutritionist experts are one group that seems for all practical purposes dismissed, their opinions or research considered not wanted, or highly discouraged. The Covid Gods and Goddesses and the vaccine evangelists, despite their good intentions, have left out or banned an American people who so want to help solve the problem, effectively denying America of its own natural talent. It seems that the next step is to propose more legislation. Titles of such might be The Emergency Adverse Events Awareness Act, The Covid Alterative Therapies and Covid Prevention Act, and The Covid Nutrition and Nutraceuticals Act. …….. There are apparently scores of biomarkers that can be used to determine health effects. These may be able to be used to compare the health of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. More so, help determine if and what maladies are associated with the vaccine. Such comprehensive data might be used to best determine what medical demographics are best suited for the vaccine and which medical demographics might be better served with other treatments and different lifestyles. There is a lot of work to be done here. Stream lining health data collection and analysis and creating a better public health information distribution system. Senator Johnson has made the most important step in this regard. He informed America about the Covid facts and issues that confront America. I can only ask for other members of the Senate and the Congress to step forward as Senator Johnson has, and do their part to ensure America's health care, prevention and knowledge is second to none other.

  2. I do not watch the "News" anymore. People in power wants us to be fearful, so that we don not 'wake up' and stand up for ourselves. I do not watch television anymore. In my opinion that is why they call television shows a program. They are programming us and have been for a loooong time. I am happy to see that people on the Senate are standing up and saying something!

  3. I agree with this man. I remember when HIV and AIDS first started and how it was handled. I believe Fauci is still working on a vax for HIV and that might be a positive "side effect" of this shot .. if it even works at all.

  4. Anyone with any connection to reality knows Fauci constantly changes his stance on everything to suit his platform and agenda.

    He lied about funding gain of function research in Wuhan, China, and continues to financially benefit from BioNtech covid vaccines.

    It's sort of like a guy lighting your house on fire, then charging you for a fire extinguisher, then he gets the job as the town fire marshall as a reward for his efforts

    Clown world.

  5. More and more often I hear “fear” and “fear tactics” being used to describe the Government’s response to COVID-19 while at the same time the CDC released information that depression and anxiety is the greatest comorbidity associated with death from COVID second only to Obesity, .28 vs .30 respectively. The greatest fear, the fear of death expressed by the death toll reiterated even by Senator Johnson here, is grossly overstated. Again look to the CDC’s own data on excess deaths and their recent tortured recalculation of this statistic where they couldn’t get much above 600,000, worse case, excess deaths for the 14 months between Jan 1, 2020 and February 30 2021. 500,000 not including Covid-19 is a reasonably expected number in any given year depending on the severity of the normal endemic flu, opioids, suicide, murders, forgoing of cancer screening and other life saving treatments all caused by the COVID response not to mention the direct deaths associated with the vaccine itself again according to the CDC VAERS data. Therefore, what I would like to see is Senator Johnson and others focusing on is the fundamental truth by empirical analysis the actual death toll of COVID. If we can’t begin this discussion from a foundation of fact the conversation is useless as no real solutions, policies or response could ever be effective as the response to date proves.

  6. Thank you, Senator Johnson, for exposing Dr. Fauci’s complicity in pushing vaccinations and NOT discussing therapy/treatment for Covid. We know so much more about this virus and we are going to be living with this virus. Treatment is as important as good prevention, natural immunity, and developing antibodies after getting the illness.

  7. EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) by law, is only allowed when there are no alternatives available. There is plenty of Ivermectin and alternatives available. So by law, ALL lockdowns, jabs and mandates are illegal as hell.

  8. Wait wait wait. You can't just say that and continue. How tf do you identify something and at the SAME TIME acknowledge you KNOW little to nothing about it???! They play us ALL for complete morons. How did John Hopkins report that the mortality rate barely fluctuated in 2020 compared to the 2 years prior? Why hasn't life insurance companies gone belly up with payouts? Good cop bad cop while they're laundering money to the top.

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