He Was Forced To Admit The Truth For Once!


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  1. I thought racism was a Republican thing?, seems he uses the word "black" to much, and as for black universities, isn't that racist?, does the word apartheid mean anything to the left?

  2. Biden isn't the first dem to make life harder on black folks, the left is the definition of systemic racism, yet they will keep voting for them, and I'm sure that Van will now be the target of that special racist hate that only comes from the left

  3. The left does affirmative action and virtue signaling….yay black scotus….bet those poor hungry black kids in inner cities are doing much better because of that

  4. Those are some real top notch acting in that clip. Not one real tear, but yet he is crying over immigrant babies. Its funny how he tried to defend Biden, but all I heard was all the things that Trump did.

  5. Success isn't something you need to tell me about. I can see it if it is true success. This is the fallacy of all political parties. Ronald Reagan never needed to tell you how good things were. They just were good and we knew it.

  6. "More Black women put on Court of Appeals" Yep, keep marginalized Black men down, and destroy Black families, Joe! Tell all blacks they are "victims" and "targets" too, Joe: that will insure their complete cultural destruction.

  7. Yes, Biden is appointing black women in high places, but what of that if they are not qualified? He’s only embarrassing us by sending Kamala overseas and having his press secretary stuttering every time someone asks a question.

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