Head of Goldman Sachs Said Something INSANE

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  1. Of course, Blankfein chose to defend Hitler, but it was on the battlefield that Hitler did not want to use chemical weapons. Why? Because Hitler himself had suffered on the battlefield from a chemical weapons attack in WWI. Hitler had some selective empathy for soldiers. But to use this as a slam on Putin, as THEY have been doing lately, that Putin is worse than Hitler, is insane and incorrect. It is the United States which is the greatest evil on earth. So, if anything is as bad as Hitler, it is the United States, which is owned and operated by the Lloyd Blankfeins. Lloyd Blankfein is worse than Hitler.

  2. They keep trying to make it seem like Putin is worst than Hitler. My guess says follow the money – I mean, look who’s saying this?! They’re about to do something diabolical, watch.

  3. Believe me, if the pond scum running the US wasn't able to printing money like there's no tomorrow to buy enough rockets, planes, bullets and bombs to kill every man, woman and child on this planet several times over, do you really think they wouldn't have used chemical or biological weapons by now? A dead child by any means is a dead child, it's just not an American child.

  4. I think they're setting up the narrative groundwork to justify a drone strike on Putin. His government has been talking about selling their oil and gas for gold or other assets of value—outside the dollar system. Which the private banks and the military of the U.S. will not allow; without initiating an assassination and/or regime change assault. I would think Putin is very well aware of this. We are, no shit, looking at World War III: the battle to print money without consequence. This is likely why someone who has been a major player in the private banking world, like Blankfien, is weighing in and helping lay the narrative groundwork.

  5. Great job as alway's. No one tell's it like Lee Camp. Only comedians seam to have brains and hearts. The wealthy monsters at the top are an example of how lethal and poisonous wealth can be, become rich and you turn into a monster. Very few people can keep their moral compass intact where wealth is concerned.

  6. There will be trials in LPR and DPR to put some usaians for their roll in the massacres against them! and for plotting for the creation of bioweapons in Ukraine1 thats why they (usaians) are hysterically panicking !

  7. CEO of Goldman Saks & people like him are TRUE enemies of humanity. I do not understand why we permit people like this to exist. They are the absolute worst criminals on the planet. There is not a single serial rapist, murderer, or pedophile in prison right now worse then this man & those like him. I hope karma & justice finds him in a dark alley.

  8. I know Lee and it is at my age (69) heart breaking. Is it ignorance or deliberate whitwashing of history and cleansing the guilt? The bull shit is utterly unacceptable and to think when one speaks out he or she is in danger! Well, to me, with this constant overdone propaganda and censorship we are in Nazi Germany 1930's. And we know what happened to them.

  9. what a clown that guy… they are making out chemical weapons to be something that they are not, that they are some kind of weapons of mass destruction. they are not special at all and not even effective, there's not even a reason to use them. he probably forgot that it was his fucking country, the cancer of the planet USA, that dropped real weapons of mass destruction on people.

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