heads are rolling

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heads are rolling

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  1. the investment parties are demanding that zelinky clean house of anyone who holds true to ukrain and anyone who does not want to deal with the investment parties involved with the ones who have heavely invested in ukrain when they win. hence all of the effort that has gone into the continuation of war.

  2. Has Russia the capacity to occupy Ukraine? I can't see how this will end. Whatever happens Putin won't trust nato again, so he can't leave Ukraine. Everything is insane. Ukraine will have to remain under military power now. Our only hope is regine change in the US, but the deep state controls all western countries, so we are f..ked. C'mon down God, it's time for the next catastrophic event. Well it's started i guess with the earthquake.

  3. The ukrainian forces need to join the russians and remove the american puppet elenskyj and his nazis who's responsible for this war…..
    Ukraine is every day turning more and more in to Nazi-Germany 2.0….
    Every time l watch the disillusioned Elenskyj l think of the movie The Downfall

  4. Put the politicians on the front line in Bakmut. Fortunately for Ukraine, Russia does not want to absorb Ukraine, It would like a FRIENDLY NON THREATENING COUNTRY on its boarder. And for ethnic Russian areas to have self determination through the ballet box. Now hundreds of thousands dead for what exactly.? Dont be a Nazi, history has shown that life doesn't end well for Nazi movements and then there is HELL.

  5. So western media says Bahkmut is of no value, Russia is stupid to throw so many resources at it. Yet Zelenshit is desperate to defend it at all costs. Something doesn’t add up 🤔

  6. Why TF would Putin "off" Zelensky? seriously why??
    Immagine Zelensky getting replaced with a somewhat likable, charismatic, sane and not Drug addicted Puppet while Zelensky is praised like a super Martyr.
    Would be kinda detremental to the Russian War Effort, wouldnt it?

  7. Russian military need to allow the Ukrainen soldiers to surrender but film the whole process, so that it is on record, as we know the crazies will kill their own.
    No more of these people need to die, what is this we are witnessing…..

  8. Shouldn't Biden do his own purge of the criminal elements in his State Dept, Victoria Nuland, Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken, etc., particularly after being caught directly responsible for the destruction of Germany's (and Russia's) pipeline?

  9. There's a lot of talk about the upcoming Presidential elections in Ukraine. As such, Zelensky tries to create the image of "fighting the corruption", and at the same time neutralize all potential competitors like Klitchko or Zaluzhny. This is aimed both at the Ukrainian population, and his overseas backers.

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