Health authority’s poor communication of individual risk factors for COVID (from Livestream #86)

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Health authority’s poor communication of individual risk factors for COVID. Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.


Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #86 (originally streamed live on July 03, 2021):


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In this 86th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. in the ex substance abuse disorders, I dont know any single case of disease even, or death of ex or current heroin addicts, im an ex heroin addict and im followed here in portugal in a institution who prescibes me buprenorphine, and there aint one single case of disease on the population told me by my doctor.

  2. Type 2 diabetes is a part of the 'overweight and obesity' category. All of these conditions are associated with underlying an inflammatory condition and are eminently treatable by cutting out sugars and other refined carbs, eating proper, fresh food and letting your body go hungry every now and then (fasting). If people knew that skipping meals might reduce their risk of dying of Covid it might harm the junk food industry but it would also save lives.

  3. A other HUGE factor is those covid vaccinated are GETTING covid and being hospitalized for it. A huge number. The media doesn’t talk about that!

  4. Why ate they saying you "cant talk about losing weight" I read plenty of articles about health earlier on. That that stopped is not a censorship issue but a health department communication issue.

  5. Obesity is not only due to overeating. It can also be due to hormonal issues metal toxicity and many other reasons. However, standard medical practitioners usually do not screen for things like this.
    In short. Obesity is not always "easy" to control.

  6. Woah there now! It sounds suspiciously like you're advocating some sort of self responsibility, and as we all know that's fascist talk!

  7. My father in Holland works ICU. He now gets "healthy" people age 28-32 that almost died. You dont go to ICU if you are not on the brink of dying. NOTE THIS: NONE of them had the vaccine

  8. Not only have they poorly communicated on these points, there's been NO effort by the experts thru the media or public announcements to describe what infected people can expect in terms of even conventional treatments for different levels of severity of COVID-19 cases.. What are the acceptable standard conventional protocols..Then you have the whole other set of treatment protocols that DO work yet are denied..It's as if they are making it 2 options. either vaccine or in worst case scenario survive the ventilator, and remdisivir..or some steroids.. No further announcements on newly developed treatments such as NONs.. etc..

  9. Bureaucracy + politics =
    And these same people CONSTANTLY demand a gov run socialized medicine model?
    Does everyone see now why that would be a catastrophe?!?!?

  10. The problem is IF it is over reporting then potentially the virus is much more deadly and this is why REAL, transparent data is extremely important. And if the massive push for the vaccines is because they know it is a bio weapon with specific side affects then they need to come out and be honest. Regardless.

  11. Being overweight means more inflammation throughout the body which means lowered ability to fight off infections. Also more strain on the heart. Hypertension, diabetes, bad cholesterlol…these are the true co morbidities. Being overweight usually means eating undesirable foods and drinking soda. SEDENTARY lifestyle. Which means SUGAR .which means inflammation. Which means breeding ground for illnesses. Diseases thrive on sugar. Cut down the sugar. That s what I am saying. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables drink water. Go for walks everyday. Take Vit D3.
    But no. Food never matters right… take pills, even have surgeries to fix the problem . But the problem is actually what you eat. What you eat makes you on a cellular level.
    mental and emotional health play key roles too of course but the covid restrictions have placed an enormous challenge on mental health and a lot of people have effectively been isolated for too long.
    That in itself creates anxiety and depression which can cause heart problems, digestive issues, cognitive decline…. and lowering of the immune system. It s a dog catching its tail type of scenario .
    We need love/connection above all else.
    So there you go. Man-made disaster.
    I think vaccines have a role but they cannot be the whole focus and people should be able to keep their rights whether they are vax or not. Otherwise it becomes something other than health advice and wanting to get life back. Use a mix of early treatments, vaccinations, healthier diet and lifestyle. And let people hug one another and shake hands without feeling guilty of being human.

  12. Yes yes and yes. Why isn't losing weight, getting outside more on the agenda. Surely peoples motivation would be high if they thought that they could improve their chances of surviving in the middle of pandemic. Plus how many other health conditions would this improve, would certainly help a cash strapped NHS like we have in UK.

  13. Was a little overweight. No amount of starving and exercise move an ounce. Sitting in the sun for 20 minute every day and in two months I was on target.

  14. In Britain…of the 120 000 covid-related deaths in 2020, only around 400 under 60s WITHOUT known co-morbidities were recorded….so about the same amount as people drowning on a yearly basis ..our population is 67 million….

  15. No, being vaxxeenated doesn't make you less likely. On the contrary vaxxeenated people are catching the D..ta variant more than those who have not been, just check what's happening in Israel, Iceland and England: countries who have vaxx. the most.

  16. I think metabolic myndrome is a very interesting hypothesis. Metabolic syndrome is simply said the disbalance in the metabolic system. Usually metabolic syndrome is presented together with heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, fatty liver, obesity etc. And one of the factors is a certain level of systemic inflammation, in short, your immune system is permanently triggered. The heavy symptoms in the severe COVID cases seem to indicate an excessive immune reaction, including cytokine storm leading to ICU care for the patients and often death.

    Interestingly, a lot of the other co-morbidities listed (cancer, COPD etc.) not only mean the whole system is weaker and cannot handle another blow, it also involves systemic inflammation or auto-immunity.

  17. How can any health officials,say with a straight face,that vaxxed people need to go back to wearing masks? And why are the people that have the antibodies and not vaxxed treated like crap!? This is nuts!

  18. I ´d suggest, of you have not yet anyway, to take a look at the contract that many, if not most, countries have signed with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies supplying the „vaxxine“. Then a few of the questions you put in this video would be answered. I am from Austria, Vienna, and appreciate your discussions very much.

  19. If this virus were so transmissible outdoors?,then why aren't there biohazard containers placed on every street corner for gloves and masks to be disposed of?

  20. Agree, took me ages to find the info in my country about the obesity thing. They should recommend losing weight as a means of reducing the risk of severe cases of covid . And I say that as a fat person. I found out about this on this podcast. So thank you . I've lost 20 kg so far. Will keep going.

  21. You are not allowed to say that, just get vaccinated, wear your mask, and blame all of the lockdowns, restrictions, illness, and death, on those that refuse the vaccine, and masks, and on little kids.
    Do not blame the ones making those rules, or the ones that funded the creation of covid 19 in the first place.
    Dr. Fauci, CDC CCP, NIH, Wuhan Lab. this pandemic was created by them and no one is to blame but them, not the unvaccinated, and not the unmasked.
    Never trust the creator of the problems, for the solutions….NEVER!

  22. We can all see the ELEPHANT in the room? that this whole situation is fabricated for a political agenda. The only way out of this is to bring down the UN and the WHO and the Bankster family dynasties who run these corrupted institutions.

  23. Wait wait wait…I hope you're not suggesting that it is advantageous to try to be as healthy as possible, that's hardly good for big pharma is it now, what an utterly selfish notion.

  24. look up : Learned helplessness is a state that occurs after a person has experienced a stressful situation repeatedly. They come to believe that they are unable to control or change the situation, so they do not try — even when opportunities for change become available.

  25. I don’t get angry easily. But I’m starting to get angry about the fundamental lack of science from supposed scientists.