Health bureaucrats are just making it up as they go along – Senate Estimates 10.11.22

This line of questioning has probably been the most damming to date.

Brendan Murphy was the Chief Health officer when the vaccines were approved. (He is now the Secretary of Health and Paul Kelly is the Chief Health Officer.)

About half way through the clip Murphy admits he never read the TGA Non-Clinical report on the Pfizer vaccine. This is despite the fact he was CHO at the time.

What’s even more damming is that he has said in prior questioning that the spike protein wouldn’t end up in the blood.
The fact is he wouldn’t know. Had he read the TGA Non-Clinical report he would know that Pfizer never tested the delivery of the spike protein even in animal trials. (They used Luciferase)

When I then go on to question him about the insertion of the spike protein into the membrane inducing an autoimmune attack on the cell, he claims that the immune system would only destroy the spike protein.

This is completely wrong. The Non-Clinical report says the vaccine induces a CD8 and IFN response. CD8 are killer immune cells that destroy virus infected cells.

Furthermore, if the immune system doesn’t stop the cell’s ribosomes from producing the toxic spike protein, then what will. Yes, the mRNA will eventually degrade but how much damage is done before that happens.
By the end of the clip Murphy tries to pass the buck back to the TGA who of course aren’t there as Skerritt is off on some junket in Ireland.

Another masterclass in bureaucratic spin – unfortunately at the expense of poor suffering Australians. 😡


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  1. We all know what is happening to people across the world, we see the ads on TV for shingles, heart attacks and strokes and so many of us know now what is going on. Thanks Senator for keeping at them, eventually they will all want forgiveness and they won't get it!

  2. Continual progress is what I'm seeing here. Thank you so much Senator Rennick. There seems to be a lot of 'danger' that hasn't been tested or looked at properly. Yet they still can sit there & say that they see the medical procedure as 'safe & effective'. It would indeed seem to be a 'red flag', that there is a significant increase in 'all cause death' figures / excess deaths. Anyone that has a problem with this angle of review & investigation is seriously now a 'part of the problem'. Ignorance & false reports, along with arguments that 'don't make sense' will continue to fail!

  3. Shows how they are frauds, they made claims with no evidence and when challenged by the actual data and research they take it on notice or say that the other guy would answer it next time, which they never do. There’s no evidence especially when you don’t go looking for it.


    This is an issue of freedom to choose, freedom to decide what goes inside our body, freedom to keep our bodily autonomy intact. Whether people wish to take the injection or not should be their choice and should never ever be coerced into taking the experimental injection for fear of losing their livelihood.

    yup…lost my job too…however the not for profit organisation(supporting people with disability) I worked for for over 9 years are a victim as well, as if they don't obey the mandate, they can no longer support people with disability.

    They always respected me and everyone freedom to choose until last December 2021 where they were forced to comply…

    I'll be starting a new job hopefully next week.

    I thank God for my family who helped and help me financially over the past 11 months as I don't want to have anything to do with the government…I don't want anything from them… I realise that not many people have that privileged and many need centrelink to survive.
    I pray for justice to be done and those injured, those that have lost their jobs to be generously financially compensated.

  5. The fact that Skerritt didn’t even bother to turn up to the committee or attend in person shows the contempt they have towards the parliament, answering for their actions or lack there of, and the Australian people. Such deference to accountability for oversight can only be assumed to affect other areas under his perview such as due diligence, monitoring for safety signals and making recommendations in the absence of the research to justify them. Some of the answers given in the video shows a culture of indifference to the key areas of oversight under their watch and are more concerned with deflection and avoiding responsibility.

  6. It’s so amazing they come up with the solution to an alleged virus so quickly that everyone was then forced to take, which is why anyone with an ounce of common sense questioned

  7. Interesting that these people are so desperate to protect a private company from what is starting to look like malpractice. It is absolutely galling that we only have a few politicians with the commitment of senator Rennick.

  8. Mr.Rennick, I_suggest_you_to_search_for_Dr_Paul-0ffit_(US_FDA). Since_31/8/2022, he's_said_that_FDA_was_wrong_to_BYPASS_the_Advis0ry_group_and_approved_(EUA)_bivalent_vax_based_on_data_from_8_MlCE. And_he_also_used_M0derna’s_own_data_to_prove_that_bivalent_vax_is_clinically_léss_efficient_than_monovalent_one_(the_news_is_on_WSJ, and_also_repeated_elsewhere).


  9. DEAR GOD …!!!! No 10 year s on this vaccine s trial s …. NO .. Sorry. Did you see how much money s there > made on stock market 📈…. Not tested …. This should never hit the stock market 📈.. then I Half believe all this .. I say Senator Rennick they give all that money billions to be PAID BACK IN FULL PLUS interest $$$$$. Asap . As 🇦🇺🇦🇺people Requested. As there taxpayers money and Lives at stake .. we don’t all TRUST THEM. 🔥 it’s quiet clear now ! And future harm to there human bodies! And innocent babies Children. 💉

  10. Red cross lifeblood are discarding their whole blood donation at a high rate due to clotting in the collection packs. This is something that they have openly communication to their teams…..

  11. Your patience Senator is admirable. They make my blood boil. In order to escape justice for their monumental crimes, these reprobates have to pretend that massive increases in mortality are unrelated to a toxic I section they approved, promoted and made their careers out of.

  12. They’re still peddling “safe and effective” 🤦🏼‍♀️
    how many questions are currently “on notice”?!
    Seriously, I’m grateful my blood isn’t clotting, but it’s definitely boiling at this point!! 😡

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